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2021-04-23: Flyspray 1.0-rc10 released See

If you are upgrading from older version, please wait for 1.0-rc11.

2021-11-23: New user registration and password forgotten currently not working on due email server problems. peterdd

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2522Backend/CoreFeature RequestLowemail vs username login issuesResearching
431.10.201802.11.2018 Task Description

So, I’ve been away from Flyspray for more than a few years. When I tried to login to the Flyspray here, I was unable to login, because I don’t remember my username, and I was unable to retrieve my username, because there’s no function for that. I was *also* unable to re-register the same email address. SO, having an account system that requires both unique usernames and unique email addresses, but has no way of retrieving one from the other, doesn’t work out so well.

Suggestion: either use email as username, or add a function to retrieve username (perhaps along with password retrieval . . password retrieval would then have to take username -or- email, probably)

2521EmailInformationLowTLS email with self-signed certificate doesn't work, "C...Unconfirmed
531.10.201803.11.2018 Task Description

I use a personal email server with a self-signed certificate (i’m not sure if it’s possible to use my https certificate for that? i don’t even kind of understand what all I did to get this email server setup, and I don’t really want to mess with it... especially since my https certificate comes from Let’s Encrypt... so i might have to muck with the email server every 60 days ... not sure?) ..

anyway, when I try to connect to it with Flyspray, I get above the Test Email button, “Completely unexpected exception: Unable to connect with TLS encryption
This should never happend, please inform Flyspray Developers”

Most systems have a way to override and accept an invalid cert, but I’m not seeing anything obvious about doing that with Flyspray. Does a function for this already exist, or do we need a way to do that? (alternatively, I would accept help in properly configuring my email lol)

 1669 Backend/CoreBug ReportMedium email notifications in wrong language Closed
29.11.201015.01.2013 Task Description

Email notifications from the system to admins (particularly new user setup) come in the new user's language selection, not in the user receiving the notification's language.

 1667 Backend/CoreBug ReportMedium "Delete Attachment" pops a database error Closed
126.11.201028.11.2011 Task Description

Deleting an attachment seems to be successful, but pops a database error when you do it, resubmitting works.

 1664 Backend/CoreBug ReportLow E_DEPRECATED warning php < 5.3.0 Closed
125.11.201007.11.2011 Task Description

PHP < 5.3.0 does not define E_DEPRECATED.

@@ -9,11 +9,14 @@
ini_set('display_errors', 1);

html errors will mess the layout
ini_set('html_errors', 0);

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED);
+if (version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.3.0') >= 0)
+ error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED);
+ error_reporting(E_ALL);

// our default charset


 1662 Backend/CoreFeature RequestMedium Assign task should set Status Closed
1122.11.201015.01.2013 Task Description

Would like to see any Assign on a task set it's status to "Assigned" if it's in a "New" state'

 1661 Backend/CoreFeature RequestMedium Would like to be able to Remove a Vote for a task Closed
Sean-Der0.9.9.7222.11.201012.05.2012 Task Description

(remove vote) instead of (you have already voted for this task)

 1660 User InterfaceBug ReportMedium Priority does not appear in Default Sort Order list Closed
122.11.201022.03.2013 Task Description

"Priority" does not appear in default sort order list

 1659 Backend/CoreFeature RequestLow Allow only members of this project to see it, option Closed
20.11.201007.11.2011 Task Description

Would love to have a checkbox in the project settings for "Only allow members of this project to see it". If this is the same as the purpose of "Allow anyone to view this project", then that option is broken.

 1658 Backend/CoreBug ReportLow View dependency graph errors out Closed
2118.11.201024.09.2015 Task Description

An internal error occured. You can read the details of the error below. The cause is either a bug or an improperly configured system.

Location: 65@includes\external\Zend\Rest\Client\Result.php

require_once(Zend/Rest/Client/Result/Exception.php): failed to open stream: No such file or director

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