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Opened by Floele - 27.01.2007
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FS#1174 - TODO List for 1.0

A list what could/should be done for 1.0

  • language for email/jabber notification currently depends on sender(user who changes something), not the recipients preferences - needs loading translation everytime to the recipients prefered language changes in the sending loop. done.
  • Provide functionality similar to bugzilla 3.0 “whining” (Custom scheduled notifications) reminder (schedule.php) is working again . Setup a cronjob for that.
  • get rid of (make do-modes pluggable)
  • database transactions
  • new templating engine (eval free)
  • user area (summed up notifications, own notes)
  • remove the usage of $_REQUEST and the Req class (only reduce)
  • add two checkboxes SSL and TLS to the SMTP configuration section in order to permit usage on servers that requires them (f.e gmail)
  • permit multiple flyspray installations with a single codebase.
  • Make threaded mail really work.
  • Localize the Installer/Upgrader
  • Upgrade to SwiftMailer v3 (when released for PHP4)
  • simplify task changes ( FS#1203 )? quick-edit is enough
  • link to dokuwiki syntax
  • replace FS prefix
  • lock password capability?
  • auto-close tasks...
  • restrict assignees (group permission → “show for assignees”, default 1)
  • last-edited-by column, others,  FS#1330  (redundancy table?)
  • for upgrading, to not make all fields project level?
  • remove all usage of split() and ereg_* functions, this include sending patches to external libraries.
  • Social networking authentification (Google, OpenID, Oauth, Facebook, Yahoo)

Things that will not be done in 1.0:

  • conversion scripts for most popular BTS - All of Flyspray data is stored in database. It should not be too hard to create a conversion script, at least from the Flyspray side. Do you need a conversion script to or from Flyspray? Tell us.
  • allow personal ordering of fields (FS 1.1 or later), see FS#2013
  • Add an option for SSL login - If you want a secure Flyspray, configure your webserver to only talk TLS/SSL, not unencrypted HTTP. Flyspray can help by hardening its source for TLS/SSL only sending, ask peterdd if it’s a requirement for you.

Things planned for 1.1:

  • Find no longer used functions in the code and remove them

Not planned yet:

  • Add support for both sqlite and mssql. But you can try your own experiments, we use adodb that supports a wide range of databases.
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Example of user area → notifications.


And notes...

Localize the Installer/Upgrader

Vote -1 :-P

a suggestion: make user-rights translateable (the Permission-List showing up when holding the mouse over the current logged in user at the top left)

My two suggestions:

  1. FS#1040 - Close Multiple Tasks at once.
  2. bring the ‘Assign to’ button (→ list of users) back, as discussed in the mailing list

Florian..what you think about adding an option like:

“if a task or comment contains an attachment, include it in the email notification too”.



You mean send the attachment per mail? That might be a problem if the attachment is large which would cause maybe a lot of additional traffic.

vain commented on 27.11.2007 17:04

A new templating engine (eval free) was questioned: What about Smarty or phptal?


Smarty: No. Phptal: A possibility, but right now this is rather low priority since the eval-based templates have not caused any serious issues yet.

BeTa commented on 13.02.2008 12:36

full compatibility w/ PostgreSQL
ticket #1415

e-mail language depends on sender not recipient =⇒ would it be : "e-mail language depends on recipient not sender" ??? if yes :
no : already exist

it would be nice to be able to create subtasks for a task

Slash commented on 15.09.2009 23:23

Templating Engine: Since I've seen more Zend stuff in the code base, Zend_View might be a good choice. It's not exactly an "engine" in the sense that has it's own language that needs to be parsed or anything like that. It's very, very similar to Savant3 or Solar_View. Good, elegant, and flexible options, in my opinion. These would probably be easier to integrate with the existing code, if the time comes.


Nope, in case we do something, we will move to symfony.

Hi, I noticed above you have "add two check boxes for e-mail notifications" crossed off. I would very much like to add this functionality to my version of flyspray without having to wait for 1.0 (which I am excited about). I would be willing to, at minimum, write up some docs on notifications and managing them – and maybe a few write a more docs going forward. Also, I would propose a seperate issue for the ssl and smtp.

No more update??

the complete percent is at only 10% ? can i help somehow ?

dyron commented on 05.02.2013 07:17

new templating engine (eval free)

I have done a new branch "feature/template-engine" in my fork of Flyspray switching from eval to a stream wrapper based template engine. Maybe a step towards Zend_View.


Project Manager

Updated a little bit. Some topic marked as done must still be reviewed..

jahto commented on 11.03.2015 20:28

What's prototype.js and what does it do? That one's also more than 3 years old, version 1.7. Current is 1.7.2, slightly less than year old. Just going through external code included with flyspray that has not been updated for a while.

Project Manager

Yes, we have to find out for what each feature in Flyspray these included js-files were added.

Then we have to find out if this can be better done in the year of 2015 without js like HTML/CSS features. Or if there are better/faster/smaller/newer alternatives that do the job.
(Maybe create a graphical dependency tree for that) . The most javascript I stumbled while working on flyspray code was just inline javascript and some simple functions in the CleanFS templates.

If we see unused js libraries these can be first deactivated and later removed and don't have to think about upgrading them.

  • Important is that the autocompletion feature works. I made js-autocompletion at my work before. It is a good usability improvement and this feature can also be improved for flyspray.
  • Probably the dependency graph view uses some of the js libraries. I personal think its display isn't very helpful. But until there is'nt a better solution implemented it should be kept in.
  • The calendar js popup has a little CSS view flaw, because it also uses the CSS-class '.button' which we also use for our 'a'-tag-buttons and 'button'-tag-buttons. It's js-library is quite old but seem still working..

As long as they aren't the reason of javascript errors or incompatibility this cleanup can be done also for FS1.1.
It only makes the loading and parsing a bit slower.

For future, we maybe should research about inline javascript and javascript loaded from files and which best meets Flyspray.

Search tags: CSP, Content Security Policy, PageSpeed External Link, YSlow External

Project Manager

When and where JS is needed, it's needed. For those that are too afraid to run JS on their machines, that's their problem. We could provide them a JS free theme, something basic without the features that JS/Jquery could provide. As well as a mobile devices theme. Or make the actual full responsive, but I don't think it would be possible to snap down to smaller devices...

Project Manager

The language field is again bugged... My language setting was set to BG and my email were sent in german. @flo you should run a query to update users language setting to "en" imo. This is weird, was fixed long ago

Project Manager

bg is the first language in the dropdown if it is not set. just set it in your preferences and safe it and it should remember it for next time i think.

In fact it shouldnt show 'bg' there, better a value 'auto' as default for the dropdown.

But that you receive the notification in german when you select another lang as your pref should be fixed.

I have german set as my prefered language, so it were my activity you got notifications in

Project Manager

Yeah I know, but I had it already set... This option already made such problems after updates

Project Manager

Doesnt make much sense to set it to 0 by default..
upgrade.xml and flyspray-install.xml:

<field name="lang_code" type="C" size="10">
      <DEFAULT value="0"/>

How about changing it to empty value? That means "automatic".

<field name="lang_code" type="C" size="10">
      <DEFAULT value=""/>

If notifications are sent to some users, it looks into receivers account for receivers prefered language.

If he doesn't have set one, it uses the language setting of the project.

If the project has not a language set or the notification is not project specific, the language setting of the whole flyspray installation is used.


Project Manager

oh, the code was stripped in email notification, so look here:

Project Manager

Oh, the notification email is sent with all receivers in the To:-field...

To make notification emails personalized each receiver needs one email..

jahto commented on 22.06.2015 09:05

I've got some code ready that could perhaps be used to solve this problem. Originally meant for online notifications that I didn't get finished for 1.0. But the language bit is there, might even work, just needs to get stripped from statements used for debugging and the online notifications code. You can check my old branch "online_notifications" on GitHub, files includes/class.notify.php and includes/

Project Manager

Sure, shouldn't be set to 0 by default, I'd even say it should be "en" by default. It's anyway a default fallback in case of a problem.

FS1.1 is mostly a huge cleanup of the code, clearly defining conventions together (that's why skype meetings and maybe forum soon) and pushing something clean and optimised. That should be too long to come. The new features should be set for a later version, at last > than 1.1

Project Manager

Sure, shouldn't be set to 0 by default, I'd even say it should be "en" by default.

That was my first idea too, but an auto fallback for sending notif. mails from

user language setting if set to "" or NULL / auto
→ to project language setting and even if on project table it is set to "" or NULL / auto
→ to flyspray installation language, which is "en" by default

seems to be the most elegant solution in my opinion.

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updated the task description

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Provide functionality similar to bugzilla 3.0 "whining" (Custom scheduled notifications)

Reminder functionality is working again if you setup a cronjob that calls schedule.php .
(for instance once a day or once an hour)

Or does the bugzilla "whining" analyzes also priority, severity, due, start, overdue to select if and which reminders are sent?

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removed tasks from the list that can be done in a later version.


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