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Opened by Psychokiller1888 - 07.03.2015
Last edited by Psychokiller1888 - 09.03.2015

FS#1956 - Dates

Upon my implementation for an easier date selector, I think we should rework it as follow:

  • Drop extended date concept
  • Add a Time format
  • Extended dates field become a concatenation of date format and time format.
    • The above make it easier to select your preferences
  • Rename GMT to UTC
  • Add automatic daylight saving configs
Project Manager

@Psychokiller1888 : Could you please explain in more detail? What is the current problem?

  • Add timezone support, using UTC (gmt is the old standard, so we go for UTC)

Yes, UTC is better. But isn't that just a renaming from GMT to UTC?

Current timestamps are saved as integer. Maybe consider using a SQL standard format for dates and times. But review of pros and cons of the different SQL date formats must be done before changing it! Timestamps only valid only year 1970 - 2037 for instance...

  • Add automatic daylight saving configs

Mmh, doesn't that mean you have to not only save the time zone, but also the Country/region that uses daylight savings (and which switch dates they use for winter/summer switching)
Btw.: I personal think "daylight saving" is one of the most stupiest things ever introduced by country governments. You cannot "save daylight" and brings many more problems than going in dark to work in the morning in winter times. (for the people who must start always early their work days)

Project Manager

Was mainly talking to myself... You got all the points...

- When I wrote about the timzone, I actually had deleted it from my sources, thought we didn't have anything and I was tired, forget that point. I'll rename to UTC
- Daylight saving option needs a lot of work to be working. You're right, a table with region, a new user option, and an automatic db update.

About daylight, I totally agree with you, it's stupid at highest points and is now a depracated idea. Was maybe usefull for ressources (electricity) saving in the begining but not now anymore. Fact is, that it exists, and we should offer the option in FS as I don't think governements are going to drop that in the near future.

About changing the format for time saving... Well, i'm a pro unix timestamps, but we all know we are walking on a soon (lol, year 2038) dead road... But I think we can still keep it that way for now...

Project Manager
  • Well, i'm a pro unix timestamps, but we all know we are walking on a soon (lol, year 2038) dead road... But I think we can still keep it that way for now...

Unless you plan human interplanetar or interstellar missions with Flyspray. ;-)


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