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Opened by peterdd - 12.03.2015
Last edited by peterdd - 18.01.2019

FS#1972 - Advanced search form - ideas for faster/better usability

This task can maybe splitted into separate sub tasks.

Task properties

Current situation

  • Currently 8 multi select fields with height of 5.5 visible options.
  • For most of the selects you must scroll to make the right selections.
  • floating


Multi select option styling

Some (not all, intentional!) browsers support CSS styling of option tags. For these who support it I think option styling is a good usability enhancement:

  • severity: We use background colors for styling in task list, so we should use the same colors for the select.
  • priority: maybe, but must be good distinguishable from severity styling. maybe not background, but maybe icons,borders,lines?
  • task type: This styling would be related to an other task, where I suggest icons/font icons for bugs, feature requests and TODO (see also themes/CleanFS/custom_example.css)
  • progress: maybe use the green %-bars as background styling
  • status: If for some status types very intuitive icons exists, they could be used for the options too.
  • due version: no idea yet, no option styling
  • reported version: no idea yet, no option styling

Update: CSS of option tags working in multi selects:

  • Firefox 64: yes
  • Safari 12: no
  • Google Chrome 71: no

So only Firefox. The intended styling could be also achieved by Javascript that renders alternative select boxes based on reading the original select boxes and their option attributes and show the user CSS styled div-tag or li-tag based constructs which do not have such restrictions.

Custom fields

  • challenge/doom level - doom faces: from easy/normal to bloody/angry face
  • os: logos like tux for linux, devil for bsd, window for ms, apple icon, osX icon, android, apple, iphone/smartphone icon, ipad/tablet icon, ..

But Consider: Different project may need different custom fields. Your gardening project may need no OS version selector.

  1. Make some intelligent positioning and sizing dependent on the count of options of the selects.

Here's a suggestion: I searched for 3 words it returned lots of results which had only some of the words. I would have liked to limit the results to ones which had all 3 words.

Project Manager

Hello Ian,

This feature exists: There is a checkbox 'Search for all words' in fieldset 'Miscellaneous'
in the advanced search form.

Project Manager

Update: Flyspray 1.0-rc8 now highlights inserted filled search input by CSS in the search field and text fields of the advanced search form.

The challenge/doom level idea can also be achieved by using the tags and CSS classes. For example create tags 'hard' or 'beginner' or 'easy' and add them to tasks.
A logical grouping of tags is not yet implemented, but could be done in a simple way like naming them 'difficulty: hard', 'difficulty:easy'.

The Operation System OS property could be also achieved with the tags feature with custom css classes. This way multiple OS simply can attached to a task instead of only one. The os field of the tasks table is just an integer id pointing to an entry in flyspray_list_os.

May I add that the advanced search IMHO is a bit overwhelming and counter-intuitive: when you open it, you're slapped with tons of info at your face and the results shift down the page, often out of sight.

Also the fact that you need to press the search button again is not very clear, and the fact that there's the export button right beside the search field while the search button is on the left side of that same search field adds to the confusion.

Maybe, before thinking about the restyling of single fields, it's time to think about a total overhaul of this section...


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