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Opened by Jugarugabi - 17.10.2016
Last edited by peterdd - 17.10.2016

FS#2214 - Changing status of task automatically

Hello again,

I was wondering (again :-) ) if the following scenario is possible for this bug tracking solution:

Our company uses this bug tracker mainly for helpdesk issues. However, our main users (except IT department) don’t seem to easily understand how to change the status of a ticket, they aren’t interested in doing that also.

So I would like to know if there is a way that we can develop some automatisation in changing the status automatically after customer replies to a message.

Let’s see the following scenario:

  1. user A posts a new task
  2. user B assigns himself (or other) to that specific task - the status automatically is changed to Assigned
  3. user B replies to task by adding a comment - as a result of adding the new comment the task status should change automatically to Waiting for customer - without the need that user B to change the status
  4. user A checks the comment from user B and decides to comment back to him. After pressing the Add comment button, the status should change automatically to Waiting for assignee

If the task is needed to have another status, the users can change them manually, but the automated part should be the waiting for customer and assignee.

On a basic algorithm it shouldn’t be hard (if user is logged in and is task owner, then after comment, task detail - status changing to id 4-5 from task-statuses table on mysql; if user is logged in and assigned to task, after adding comment change status 4-5 from task-statuses table).

I saw this thing on an otrs platform and it is quite ok for a simple user like ours.

Is there any way that we can personalise the flyspray in this way?

If yes, please give us an elaborate answer with what I should do for this to work.

Thanks in advance.

Project Manager

Mmh, not possible out of the box and customized workflows(status transition) are not planned for Flyspray 1.0

However, under quite narrow and controlled conditions you could hack some status transitions directly into includes/

case ‘details.update’: or case ‘details.addcomment’:

Some old brainstorming at FS#1222

It would be nice to modify the includes/ for this simple status transition. On FS#1222 I couldn't find something like this.

Any chance to work on it so we can make this possible with the hack on

Project Manager

Sorry, this goes too far for me.

I contribute to Flyspray in my freetime and I have not seen any 'sponsoring' for anyone at all since I joined adding code january 2015 to Flyspray. Since 1 year I'm the only active dev left with merge permission and only bugfixing for 1.0, no fancy stuff. :-/

In short, there is no 'sponsoring company' as claims to be. At least not for the last 2 years and the reason I'm not very enthusiastic to update pages. Instead I concentrate on moderating and contribute to the source code on github and do the stuff I think is important for my own Flyspray instances.

As I have a day job, my capacity is limited.

Possible solutions:

  • Find someone who wants to provide commercial support for Flyspray
  • Find peoples who also want that feature implemented who are willing to pay a fraction of the costs.
  • create a foundation for Flyspray and build a community that attracts more developers and then maybe..

I see, thanks peterdd!


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