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Attached to Project: Flyspray
Opened by Jugarugabi - 24.10.2016

FS#2220 - One status with different color in tasklist

Since we have a lot of tasks pending, our team leader wants a specific status (let’s say: Waiting for dispatch) to be marked with a green background in tasklist.
Can you please help me to make this mod?

Thanks in advance.

Project Manager

I saw that coming! ;-)

You could add status(1-n) css-classes similiar to the overdue class to the tr-tag. But then 3 properties (severity, task deadline check, and status fight each other for setting the row background color.) In our previous solution with overdue we forced it simply by the !important css rule. You could also combine them and set severities * deadlines * status = possible combinations for different backgrounds. e.g.

tr.severity4.overdue.sta8 {background-color:#f0f;} 


Style the status column

Lets say status 'Waiting for dispatch' has id 8:

td.task_status.sta8 {background-color:#f0f;}

into your custom_*.css .

Use "Mes recherches" filters

But maybe you can show your team leaders an other feature of Flyspray: Filtering the tasklist and storing them as shortcuts like a bookmark. See the 2 attachments.

Let them choose the filtering they want, press 'Rechercher' button, and if they are satisfied with the shown filtered tasklist let them save 'Enregistrer la recherche sous' with an appropriate name.

The select list in the right upper edge is maybe not the sexiest position, but can be selected from every pagetype in Flyspray. The project id is also stored, so if the search shall search through all projects, choose 'All projects' from drop downlist first, then advanced search, then store the search.


tr.severity4.overdue.sta8 {background-color:#f0f;} 

seems not to work - I have set the tr.severity2.overdue.sta19 (that's for my project), but it isn't changing anything.
I have also removed the

tr.overdue:not(.closed) td {background: #fe9 !important;} 

just to see if this isn't the issue. Still, nothing happens. The line isn't changing to other color.

Project Manager

For the row styling (tr.sev....) it is required to do some php coding first to add the sta* (sta19, sta20,..) classes to the tr class tag.

Without your customized overdue class status for example:

tr.severity3.sta19 {background-color:#60f;}
tr.severity4.sta19 {background-color:#90f;}
tr.severity5.sta19 {background-color:#f0f;}

Is the styling for the status column working, which is much simpler to change?

td.task_status.sta19 {background-color:#f0f;}

We're interested in the row styling, the one that's harder to do, but I'd really like to get some help there to understand the php coding behind it. I'd really appreciate the help in coding please.

td.task_status.sta19 {background-color:#f0f;}
worked, but it highlights only the task statuses with .sta19 that don't have an overdue set and the due date isn't passed.

A little bit of help please?


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