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Attached to Project: Flyspray
Opened by simpleshop - 09.02.2018

FS#2456 - Missing GUI controls

After updating from “1.0-rc6” to “1.0-rc7 dev” there is missing controls menu on writer. Look attachment.
How to solve this?

Is there any settings to enable this or I’m missing something...

   bug1.png (7.3 KiB)
   bug2.png (19.9 KiB)
Project Manager

This is probably related to

Please replace




in your flyspray.conf.php

syntax_plugin="" is too ambiguous and maybe we should allow only set values ('none','html','dokuwiki') there. I learned that old big installs never used html(ckeditor) or dokuwiki and for them a default fallback to ckeditor would make no sense. Maybe lets show a warning in future when syntax_plugin="" or invalid value is set.

Yea, when first install flyspray and HTML/ckeditor is choosen, this resulted up to now in syntax_plugin="" within flyspray.conf.php.

I probably will change this

<select name="syntax_plugin">
  <option value="dokuwiki">Text/Dokuwiki</option>
  <option value="">HTML/CKEditor</option>

to something like that:

<select name="syntax_plugin">
  <option value="dokuwiki">Text/Dokuwiki</option>
  <option value="html">HTML/CKEditor</option>
  <option value="none">HTML/none</option>

dokuwiki: a flavor of wiki syntax, interpreted/rendered at output

html: handled by HTMLpurifier when saving, CKEditor UI shown for most textarea input fields.

none: handled by HTMLpurifier when saving, raw textarea input field.

Thank you. Now menu is working.
How to fix new problem regarding missing HTML. Should I do again upgrade and select YES on update on database?

Project Manager

No. No database change needed for that.

I made now the fix for that warning on github master:

Your code did not work. It generate faulty page.
I just change to:
$text=strip_tags($text, '<br><br/><p><h2><h3><h4><h5><h5><h6><blockquote><a><img><u><b><strong><s><ins><del><ul><ol><li><table><caption><tr><col><colgroup><td><th><thead><tfoot><tbody><code>');

          if ($conf['general']['syntax_plugin'] && $conf['general']['syntax_plugin'] != 'none') {
              //.'<br/>Couldn\'t call '.$conf['general']['syntax_plugin'].'_TextFormatter::render()'
              //.'<br/>Temporarily handled like it is HTML until fixed<br/>'

After my change there is no MSG about missing something, what was the goal. And also everything works fine..

Project Manager
Your code did not work.

? I tried with github master, played with setting syntax_plugin to '', 'none', 'html' and some invalid strings, and got not this error. Maybe mistake at manual replacing the changes?


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