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Attached to Project: Flyspray
Opened by sbyholm - 14.02.2018
Last edited by peterdd - 16.02.2018

FS#2458 - Cannot add attachments after upgrade from rc1 to rc6

So we could add attachments before the upgrade, now we can’t. Not even me as Admin.

The attachments folder was kept unchanged during upgrade per the intructions.

Old attachments still exist and can be opened and have a delete checkbox.

Closed by  peterdd
16.02.2018 10:56
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Project Manager


Please add Screenshot(s).
All webbrowsers or only one specific affected?
Web server config changed? Which web server?

Here's the add new task view

And this is the comment with no attachment option

Running Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 7
Same problem with Internet Explorer by the way

The server is Archlinux with apache

Server version: Apache/2.2.14 (Unix)
Server built: Nov 7 2009 12:15:30

Project Manager

First, show if the markup exists (show source in webbrowser)

something like this:

	CKEDITOR.replace( 'detailed_desc', { entities: true, entities_latin: false, entities_processNumerical: false } );
      <p class="buttons">
                              <input type="hidden" name="action" value="newtask.newtask" />
          <input type="hidden" name="project_id" value="1" />
                    &nbsp;&nbsp;<input class="text" type="checkbox" id="notifyme" name="notifyme"
          value="1" checked="checked" />&nbsp;<label class="inline left" for="notifyme">Notify me whenever this task changes</label>
                <div id="uploadfilebox">
          <span style="display: none">            <input tabindex="5" class="file" type="file" size="55" name="userfile[]" />
              <a href="javascript://" tabindex="6" onclick="removeUploadField(this, 'uploadfilebox');">Remove</a><br />
              <input tabindex="5" class="file" type="file" size="55" name="userfile[]" />
                <a href="javascript://" tabindex="6" onclick="removeUploadField(this, 'uploadfilebox');">Remove</a><br />
        <button id="uploadfilebox_attachafile" tabindex="7" type="button" onclick="addUploadFields('uploadfilebox')">
          Attach a file (max. 8 MiB)
        <button id="uploadfilebox_attachanotherfile" tabindex="7" style="display: none" type="button" onclick="addUploadFields('uploadfilebox')">
           Attach another file (max. 8 MiB)

If not, the permission 'create_attachments' is not set right for the current user.

For a quick live test as admin, add

        echo '<pre>';
        echo '</pre>';


if ($user->perms('create_attachments')): ?>

in themes/CleanFS/templates/newtask.tpl

(around line 229 of newtask.tpl)

And how is your "create attachments" permission row looking?

See /index.php?do=pm&area=groups&project=1 for instance for project_id=1

There is also a possibility that uploads are not possible at all:

In this case the create_attachments the upload html markup is never shown.

What is the


This value is calculated here

So the markup is not there....

And I don't seem to have the create_attachment right, see attached log.

I'm in the admin group and my co-wroker in the developers group I can see that the create_attachment right is ticked, but he can't create and attachment, i.e. button etc not visible

I even tried removing the tick, save, adding the tick back and save and that does not help.

Seems max_file_size is 0... but it's not immediately clear how to change it. We had it at 2MB I think before upgrading.


file_uploads: On
memory_limit: 128M
post_max_size: 8M
upload_max_filesize: 2MB

Ok I found it myself now, the attachments folder was no longer writable....

And after some looking at the command history... seems I have copied the flyspray rc6 distro folder into the old rc1 folder, and there's an empty attachments folder in the disto, and that must have changed the writable attribute of the old attachments folder...

It would be great if the Admin Toolbox had an attachments tab with an on/off switch, a max size setting, and it would print out all the reasons why it can't set it to your desired value.

I added a new fetaure task FS#2459 for the settings in the admin toolbox, this task can be closed. Thanks for the help!


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