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Opened by jdorel - 20.04.2019

FS#2545 - Can't delete system wide 'Task Statuses'

From the ‘Task Statuses’ menu, when in the global project, the ‘delete’ cases are grayed out, preventing me from deleting them.

This is a problem for me because I would like to only have project specific statuses and I would like to name one of those statuses ‘Assigned’.

For now, I got around it renaming the system wide ‘Assigned’ status.

Project Manager

The first 6 ids of the db table for 'Task Statuses' are currently not intended to be deleted, that's why these are hidden by the template CleanFS/templates/common.list.tpl (see )

Some of them have currently also special global meaning in Flyspray, for instance when a user clicks 'Assign to me'-button, the task will be assigned to that user, but also the task status is changed to status Assigned (id 3 STATUS_ASSIGNED) if the task was in the New (id 2 STATUS_NEW) or Unconfirmed (id 1 STATUS_UNCONFIRMED) task status.

Could you please explain your reason/workflow/use case that requires an own status Assigned for each project?

I am using Flyspray for Tasks Tracking. I find the datastructure representing tasks and bugs is quite similar, and Flyspray allows a very fine control of this datastructure (projects, tasks types, tasks statuses, categories and tags).

For my workflow, my tasks only have the following statuses:

  • Discussions
  • Confirmed Task
  • Assigned
  • Testing

So for this particular workflow it is not required to have its own status Assigned, but is would it seems weird to me to use 1 status from the global and 3 from the project. I prefer to have all related statuses in one place.

This also means I can't use the special global meaning in this project, but I am fine with it (although I would love to see a workflow engine implemented.

Anyway, it seems like a limitation that should not exist, but I understand that it might be hard to implement. This was mainly to expose that limitation. Feel free to close the bug if you do not think it should be implemented.

Thanks a lot for what you've done so far.

After thinking about it, I can think of one workflow where it could be useful:

If I manage a particular project using scrum:

  • user report bug (1 - unconfirmed)
  • the bug is confirmed (2 - new)
  • planned for this sprint (3 - planned)
  • assigned to someone (4 - assigned)

This assumes that you use multiple projects on the same installation, and that other projects use the default statuses.


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