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Attached to Project: Flyspray
Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 02.08.2005
Last edited by MadCoder - 09.11.2005

FS#601 - Templating backend

Flyspray is a bit of a mish-mash of PHP code and SQL queries mixed in with the HTML. We need to seperate the code from the markup by using a templating system. Lately I've been looking at TinyButStrong, at

This task is to be started after we release 0.9.8, before any further features are added.

The task depends upon
ID Project Summary Priority Severity Assigned To Progress
503 Flyspray  FS#503 - Rewrite the code using functions instead of if-elseif-else  Very Low Medium MadCoder
697 Flyspray  FS#697 - "New task" and "Task details" pages have inconsistent taskfield   Very Low Low Floele
The task blocks this from closing
ID Project Summary Priority Severity Assigned To Progress
638 Flyspray  FS#638 - Make page titles more useful  Very Low Medium
Closed by  Floele
10.01.2006 16:59
Reason for closing:  Implemented in devel
seba commented on 11.08.2005 09:24

Hm, I don’t know much about TinyButStrong, but why not to use some PEAR - stuff from They have lots of template engines with open architecture. Especially Sigma ( has an extremely good reputation.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 11.08.2005 11:33

After some discussion on the mailing list, I’ve decided to go with Savant2 ( It’s pure php, so no learning any special new syntax. People on the ML said that they could follow my test code quite easily, so I’m fairly happy at this point. I may re-evaluate later if I come up against any terrible limitations, but it seems ok so far.

I don’t see the point. PHP is a pretty good template engine all by itself. Why clutter it
better use of includes and <?php tags.

eric commented on 04.10.2005 20:40

I see the point especially when upgrades are due out. If you have made changes and all the layout is controled through a template then changing it back would be a lot simplier than going through all the php includes. Just my opinion.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 18.10.2005 12:18

Thank you, Tony, for not choosing PEAR. phpBugTracker ( uses PEAR, which seems to be the reason why I’m unable to evaluate phpBT...

By the way, most Drupal ( themes use the PHPTemplate theme engine, which you might consider comparing with Savant2. I don’t know the differences.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 18.10.2005 12:27

After looking at Savant2 in more depth, I really don’t see why I should use a templating ‘engine’ at all! I templated a few scripts using php includes (as eric said above), and it seems to work fairly well to me. After the release of 0.9.8, I will bring it up on the mailing list again and get some more opinions. In the meantime I will look at the PHPTemplate engine just to get a more rounded view of things.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 21.11.2005 04:15

Update: Pierre has written a custom template class for Flyspray, and has converted 90% of the scripts to use it. He’s done a great job. All that remains is the History tab on the task details page, and that looks painful. I’m not worried if it’s left as-is for a while.

Note so that Pierre doesn’t forget: Give the tpl_double_select function an option to disable the up/down arrows.


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