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Opened by stephenrs - 10.11.2005
Last edited by magicfinger - 22.03.2013

FS#730 - Log entries for individual tasks

It would be really nice to be able to associate log entries with tasks as as way to track progress over the history of the task. Ideally, each log entry could have several fields associated with it, including the ability to enter amount of time worked. The log should also be optionally be hidden from certain users. This maybe gets more into the realm of project management tools, but would be very useful for little guys like me to track billable hours without having to use a separate tool.

A possibly cheap or short term way to do this would be to make the Task History editable by admins. Hours could be entered there as new history items and tallied by hand later.

Thanks for a really great tool.

Closed by  magicfinger
22.03.2013 18:35
Reason for closing:  Duplicate
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Duplicate  FS#1609  Time & Estimate Tracking

You should probably checkout  FS#157  - I think the estimated/actual time fields that have been proposed would help. I’m in a similar situation to yours, where we need to track time. Often we’ll put in the closing remarks the time it took, and they’re easy to add up.

Yes, I’ve seen  FS#157 , and also  FS#218  (which i’m also very interested in), but I think what i’m suggesting here would be a more robust way to track billable time for complex tasks - those which may require several attempts to fully address, spread out over time. if i understand  FS#157  correctly, actual time would be entered as a static field upon completion of the task, which wouldn’t work that well for larger tasks.

also, my sense is that it would be easier to implement a log (or make the history editable) than it will be to add configurable fields (#218, #157) to the maybe i have a better chance of getting it done sooner :) ...and it sure would make my life a lot easier - even if i have to tally the totals for a task manually.

 FS#157  could also be implemented as a field that you can edit before the project is done, so every time you update the percent complete, you could add the additional time to the actual field.

One thing that we’re going to avoid in Flyspray is trying to turn it into a time tracker and invoice generator. In that sense, some good ideas for extensive features in those directions will become “Won’t Implement”, essentially, but some basic tracking will be achievable, both with  FS#157  and probably with  FS#218  too.

i guess understand what you mean, but please keep in mind my original request was for a logging capability with tasks. time tracking would be only be one of many potiential good uses for a task log. for example, right now there’s really no way for develoers (or other internal staff) to efficiently communicate privately and officially over the life of a task.

comments are a good way to communicate with outsiders (clients, and basic users), so i wouldn’t want to make comments un-viewable to outsiders. and of course there’s always email, but it would be nice for internal task notes to be attached directly to the task. i’d just like to see a more robust way to deal with the internal management of tasks, which would include the abilty to note time spent at intervals over the life of a task.

also, like i suggested, providing the ability for admins or managers to to add items to the task history would go a long way toward what i’m looking for.

i’m very new to flyspray, so i haven’t really looked at the code yet, but maybe i’ll take a stab at an “editable history” feature...although i must admit it has always been puzzling to me that nobody ever wants to include time tracking with issue tracking (without going to a full blown project management tool). it just seems like a natural combination to me, but in all the years that i’ve been doing this i’ve never been able to find a good tool for it :)

i’ve found a way to achieve this in the short term. for any task that you need to track hours for you can create a private related task called “Log” for instance. you can then use the comments of the “Log” task to enter running notes, hours or whatever. this does kinda depend on  FS#734 , hiding private related tasks from users without proper permissions, however.

this suggests to me that most of the code to achieve actual logging functionality already exists - a task log is starting to look more like a special case of a related task :)

Anonymous Submitter commented on 11.11.2005 04:57

Or perhaps another tab with different viewing permissions...?

exactly. a new tab...and maybe a new db table (”tasklog”) with keys to the task and comments tables (i haven’t looked at the schema yet, i’m guessing)...and a re-use of existing code...?

I guess I’m not sure how a Log differs from Comments. Is it just that the Log is visible to special people, and not to everyone that can view the task?

A new tab and a new permission flag sounds like the way to go. Maybe call it “Private Log” or “Development Log”?

Regarding time tracking, here’s what I could see fitting well within Flyspray. Tasks get an estimated time field. Tasks also have an actual time, which could be an editable field, or a calculated value based on a list of devel. log entries. If the devel log allows comments and an optional actual time, then we could sum them to get the total actual time. It could also be broken out by which devel did it, and you’d have a list of all the log entries along with the actual time entries. Some improvements to the reports page could let you pull up a task time report that would show the task, estimated time, actual time, and in the “detailed” view, would show the breakdown of all the actual time entries.

That’s something I could see as being useful. If my coworkers think so, I could even make time to add such a thing, since it would save us a lot of time when doing our invoices each month. That would resolve both this task as well as  FS#157 , I think, and would do so quite nicely.

To answer your question: yes, i’d envision that the log could be marked as private and used for internal communication about a task, visible only to certain people.

I’m so happy that you can see time tracking fitting into Flyspray, and the way you have described it working sounds excellent. It would really go a long way toward streamlining the process of managing and billing for tasks - further than I would have been bold enough to request - without adding much extra complexity to an already streamlined and intuitive application.

Regarding whether or not the actual time field was editable or calculated, it would be great if this was selectable by project, with maybe a task-specific override.

I would be happy to help out in any way that I can on this, coding, testing, whatever you might need - just let me know.

is this “feature” still active or a zombie? cos i’ve finished such a time-logger already!

i haven’t heard anything recently about this, but i would be extremely interested and grateful if you would share the changes you’ve made.

randy commented on 18.12.2006 17:01

I too am most interested in a time-logger
I would love to see what you have
Mac... any other news?

Thanks in advance

No news from me. I haven’t had time to do much flyspray development in quite a while. Too busy working to make improvements to the bug tracker we use at work :) But I’m happy to take some time and look over what others are proposing. We’d have to check it off with Florian though too.

randy commented on 29.01.2007 14:54

Heh gang. While I completely support the mantra that a bug tracker is not and never should be a project management tool, it astounds me that there is such consistent opposition to including any sort of time tracking. A lump sum of running total just does not cut it either. Even in an open source project I think there is great value in knowing where and how time was spent on building a
the real world where most of us are required to spend significant amounts of our time, we must be able to keep track of our time in order to bill our customers. Forcing the use of a manual recording and tabulation of that time does not somehow keep flyspray pure and innocent or whatever the alturistic goals are. It takes time away from developers that could put that time to better use such as contributing to open source projects such as
think flyspray has the best interface I have seen thus far in my issue tracking system search but the time tracking is a show stopper for me. I have been forced to pass on flyspray. The solution I have decided on is Mantis. There has been a couple of timetracker solutions offered by users. They are currently incorporating one of them in the official code. Personally I prefer the other offered solution and have added that functionality to my mantis installation and added a little more on top of
is very simple timetracking with simple reporting and export to excel.

I've added a vote for this task as I am (and my team of 5 is as well) very interested in adding some kind of time tracking. The possibility mentioned above about tracking time per developer would also be a great feature, but the most important is certainly to be able to sum-up small amounts of time (let's say a field given in minutes of
using GnoTime as a time-tracker tool at the moment, but there is obviously a big gap between Flyspray and GnoTime, and referencing Flyspray bugs in the GnoTime tasks comments is not ideal (not practical when trying to make a detailed report at the end of the month). Ideally, I would see (when Flyspray starts giving a web services interface) GnoTime allowing to send the time tracked to a specific Flyspray task by the filling of a field and the press of a button :-)

Time tracking very useful for me and 3 on team as
using slimtimer to do this, but it's crazy to have duplicate tasks floating around to track
for it.

manwe commented on 13.02.2008 19:13

Actually, I implemented worklogs ( estimated time, time spent, remaining time, worklog report - list of all billable hours) for my company sometimes in august 2007. Now, we need the goodies provided by the new version(s), and have to reimplement all things
very interested to collaborate on this project with this feature. This way (at least, wishfully), I won't have to reimplement it each new version; and some others could benefit from it.


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