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Opened by Floele - 29.05.2006
Last edited by peterdd - 02.03.2016

FS#937 - New fancy layout for 1.0

For version 1.0 we need a nice new layout for Flyspray.

Some ideas so far:

  • The theme should be bright, clean, modern and colourful.
  • Comments could be displayed like messages on Google groups (complies to the mentioned requirements), see attachments
  • The menu needs to be changed. It probably has to be vertical in future, but in any case (the only point that matters) it should be possible to add more menu items without requiring a higher screen resolution (width)
  • the new theme should use unstyled input elements
  • the layout of all forms should be unified. I like the layout of phpbb for example (see attachment)

Layout bugs/problems that should be fixed:

Currently we don’t have anyone who is able to do this (I would like to, but I am not very good at it), so if anyone is skilled at making things look good (without creating an image-heavy layout like some at css Zen Garden) he can let us know.

More ideas are welcome and will be added to the description.

The task depends upon
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1195 Flyspray  FS#1195 - Incorrect rendering in IE 6.0 and 7.0  Very Low Low
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1174 Flyspray  FS#1174 - TODO List for 1.0  Very Low Medium
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02.03.2016 19:47
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Desktop view is 'ok' in a first pass for FS1.0-rc.

CSS Media queries for mobile page layout and rendering issues handled by own tasks and addressed step-by-step between FS1.0-rc and FS1.1

This is an excellent idea. I am not sure if you are aware but flyspray is an addon for joomla CMS which we are considering using for a telephony project primarilly because it is the only bugtracker we can integrate in our site. As far as I can tell flyspray is the only bugtracker which plugs into a CMS!!!

I would like to ask you to consider testing the new layout in a fixed width and screen proportional width joomla front end. At the moment flyspray looks very crowded in a fixed width website.

Perhaps you could contact the author of the flyspray addon and see if he can do some of the design. (unfortunately I don’t/can’t/won’t code very well)

A killer app for open source development? integration into Joomla probably also means that you could integrate into Mambo and possibly others.

I guess that you also may be able to get someone from the joomla community to design the frontend as there are many people in the community who do css designs. You could sell the idea as a demonstration of thier design skills.

Thanks for hearing me

peep commented on 16.02.2007 21:33

The attachments are missing.


Attachments fixed.


After talking with Floele in #flyspray it seems I will hopefully be creating the fresh new look for Flyspray, it will be web2 style which will bring a bright, easy to use interface that will bring Flyspray up in the UI department. I’ll add attachments to this as I go along to get feedback.

An early preview for you

now that looks very good i love it Thomas :)

What you think about Flex ( I can do it.

I want to make my own theme for Flyspray. Maybe I can help you with current task, but I want to know - do you want to remake only theme part, which located in 'themes' folder, or you will give freedom to change templates in 'templates' folder?

Is Alex and/or Thomas (or anyone else for that matter) still working on this? I read in the forum ( ) that version 1.0 was suspended for lack of a designer.


Apparently no one is working on it.

I am working on it, just been having issues accessing the SVN lately... is there any way you are going to provide me with "write" rights?


Erm, before I see some results, I do not grant anyone any permissions
kind of "issues" do you have?

There ya go :)

   wip.jpg (592.9 KiB)

Keep in mind, though, not to get too carried away. One of the reasons I like Flyspray, is that it's UI is fairly un-cluttered and more easily usable than many other applications out there.


Since it looks like this task has been idle for a while, here are some mock-ups to hopefully add momentum. Most of the layout is practical, a couple things like the tabs, rounded corners of the content area and moving the user login details would be more work. The aim was to keep the basic structure while adding some polish.

If there is interest in pursing this style then mock-ups of the the remaining pages can done.

ps. We have been using flyspray internally for a couple years and appreciate it quite a bit.

Modao commented on 01.03.2008 19:29

While a default theme for FS is obviously critical; From a Project Perspective, themes are very much always related to the desires of the web-site owner and are nearly always linked to the look and feel of either:

a) The Parent Website
The Product that they represent


Surely the logical solution is to provide a "Stock" theme, then to allow the FS Admin to customise that theme through a User Interface. (Obviously theme graphics would have to be manually overridden accordingly).

Kindest Regards


ikou commented on 20.05.2008 15:01

I worked a model and publish a "case study" demo base on the "overview Flyspray" page. This is a design work and not a new "look and feel" graphic template but perhaps it could inspire or attract Flypray developers :

Uhu commented on 25.08.2008 16:42


I´m able to create a template based on CSS Layouts and graphic design by PS.

If this is interessting let me know !

Greets Uhu

Hate to ask this - please know that I am extremely grateful for all the hard work that goes into Flyspray and the results, and as an open source developer myself I am familiar with users asking questions - but roughly when might 1.0 be released?

Based on what I've heard about the other features in 1.0, I'd gladly take it without a new design. I don't really have any issues with the current design in fact, besides a few missing buttons maybe.

Since flyspray is primarily a tool for programmers, surely it's functionality more than looks that is important?

Ed commented on 20.09.2009 07:36

I am quite sure that the core team don't knows when 1.0 is ready for primetime.
In fact I have no issues with the current version of FlySpray, so why not wait a little longer and get a "really new 1.0"?

I'd like to add the suggestion that the new design of flyspray should get rid of almost all the graphical elements.
most of the used icons look very "old fashioned".

why not use the design of the Redmine BTS? Redmine looks very fresh and modern and I am sure that Flyspray would look stellar with a "Redmine-like" ui.
Also Flyspray had the potential to attract loads and loads of new users as a "php-Redmine" and thus hopefully at least a fraction of new contributors.

Take a look at Redmine here:

Here are also some real-life systems running on Redmine:

I think Redmine looks really great and it has a proven layout. Redmine is under GPLv2, so it should be even possible to take their templates and stylesheets and adapt them to Flyspray.

Ed commented on 20.09.2009 07:47

Eventually it would also be stellar if the FlySpray Template Engine would be somewhat compatible to Redmines'.
This way users could also easily port themes from Redmine to Flyspray, see:

Ed commented on 20.09.2009 07:52

Even better than the default Redmine theme is the "Basecamp style" theme by Peter Theill, which is also under GPLv2 and available here: What about trying to get in touch with some of the Redmine theme designers and asking them to help porting their themes to Flyspray?
If the template engine would "behave" like Redmine, we don't even have to ask, because most Redmine Themes simply consist of a stylesheet.
If the template engine of flyspray produced the same output (or uses the same conventions at least) the redmine theme css files would "just work" with flyspray.

Here is a CSS theme (preview & theme files) for I couldn't find the register link on the wiki so I'm posting it here instead of on the wiki themes page. Maybe that is more convenient anyway since the download link won't be as likely to break.

Its dark and does not use a masthead graphic, so it may not suit all user's tastes. A couple things could use tweaking still.

bajki commented on 04.09.2010 22:58

i've decided to start my try of creating completely new layout. Here is my attempt. Is it even a bit close to the layout you want to have ? It's just a preview and i know there is a lot of stuff missing. I just want to know if you like it and if you think i should continue with it :)

(logo is 100% temporary)

bajki commented on 05.09.2010 09:58

Here is another preview - this time for single task view.

Now i stops working on the layout untill anyone will answer me is the layout fine and if i should continue working on it. If so, just comment this task, i'll receive a notification cause i'm subscribed (or get my mail from profile)


   task.jpg (459.2 KiB)
bajki commented on 05.09.2010 12:05

Oups, sorry, i've send you bad file, here is the proper one

oh and btw. the white space on the right is for sidebar or something. It's not neccesarry but i've decided to left some space there just for now.

(sorry for spam)

   task.jpg (583.3 KiB)

Mike, that seems very Redmine inspired. Btw, please can you unasign me to this task

bajki commented on 05.09.2010 14:38

yes i need to admit that i was inspired by redmine :) but i'll try to make it more original, i don't like some things in redmine and i'll try to make them better on my design. Offcourse just in case if you like it, i don't want to waste my time doing layout which you think is a crap ;)

You'll have to wait for one of the developers to comment on it, I haven't been involved with this project for years now.

bajki commented on 05.09.2010 17:58

ok here is the final version of task page view. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to tell me them!
Right sidebar content is optional, we can discuss what to put there later.

   task.jpg (742.7 KiB)
Nux commented on 06.09.2010 05:54

Not bad, but you've made a "login" tab which mixes several things - a general go to task form, a project general milestone progress and recent updates, and whatchlist of the current tasks. Further more it is actually missing a login form. There should also be something called reminders - this are used to remind users about the task frequently (e.g. once in a week).

bajki commented on 06.09.2010 06:07

hmm i was planning to make login form as a separated page with form, not in that sidebar...but maybe it's not a bad idea ? What do you all think?
Background color of the login tab suggest that it's 'opened' in some kind but it's just a preview on how those tabs on the right will look on mouse over ;)

are those reminders implemented in current version ? if so, where i can find them to understend the idea better ?

bajki commented on 06.09.2010 18:41

ok, here is the roadmap page layout. I dont have any idea on what other usefull informations can be placed in a sidebar when roadmap is the currently viewed page but we can discuss it later

   roadmap.jpg (438.3 KiB)
Nux commented on 06.09.2010 20:50

You can download the latest version and simply log in as an admin to see the tab. Or you can browse through templates files that starts with "details.tabs".

Unfortunately I don't use Flyspray much these days... but I liked Flyspray very much when I did use it and I also like your theme. It's simple and clean.

A suggestion would be to see how the theme works with the Joomla integration of Flyspray which can be found here:

Great effort and good luck,

bajki commented on 06.09.2010 22:29

Thanks for nice words! :)

Hmm i think it'll be too hard for me to track how i should design it to be compatible with this joomla bridge. It would be great if anyone who knows that bridge through (probably you) will point me what i should pay my attention to.

Probably just test the theme with that bridge to see how it looks 'inside' a joomla website. It might be worthwhile thinking about how the theme might work when it is embedded in another website (for example making the CSS straight forward to modify so that the colours can easily be changed to match the Joomla site) . The current Flyspray theme doesn't look all that bad in many cases.

You can probably just use a local Joomla install, add the flyspray bridge module (I believe it might install a version of Flyspray or at least it used to) to do the testing.


bajki commented on 06.09.2010 22:49

hmm i'm planning to reduce images ammount to minimum, it'll be 99% css based (just the icons will be graphical). Even progress bars will be css based so it all should be easy to style :)

bajki commented on 08.09.2010 19:43

ok. i realised that it'll be better to make things like comments, history etc. tabbed on task view. Here is the updated version

   task.jpg (876.4 KiB)
Nux commented on 08.09.2010 20:12

I believe "Who's watching this" and "Notifications" are the same. Also "Who's watching this" don't fit in that sidebar as it is the only task relted entity there. You could add more stuff from the Overview page on the right. Also "login" and "register" tab could be opened (switched) with JS and the third tab could actually be named "Overview".

BTW what is a "Ticket"?

bajki commented on 08.09.2010 20:28

ticket is a word used in almost all other bugtrackers, it's the same thing as 'task' in flyspray ;) i used to use ticket word that's why i'm using it here all the time

yeah that's true, 'who's wathing this' is added to make it more 'eye candy' but it's useless in cause of the 'Notifications' tab, i'll remove it from the sidebar
in fact, i was planning to discuss sidebar contents when layout will be sliced so the current ones are just temporary.

i don't understand what you mean about the login and register tabs (moze po polsku bedzie latwiej :) but i want the login tab to be a link to login form and register tab to be a link to register form. When user will be logged in, both tabs will be changed to "My searches" and "Account", the account tab will look similar to the one from a facebook (avatar, name and some user specific options links).

by the third tab you mean 'Home' ?

Nux commented on 08.09.2010 21:57

i don't understand what you mean about the login and register tabs (moze po polsku bedzie latwiej :)

A tak Cię podejerzewałem ;-). But I'll try in English. You mentioned that Login form would be a waste of space. I agree if it would wast space, but those tabs on the right could work the same as "Comments", "History" and others. They could be switched dynamically and their contents would occupy the sidebar.

by the third tab you mean 'Home'?

If by Home you mean Overview, yes :-). [Login] [Register] [Overview] - the last one would be default. Some "more details" link could lead to a project's welcome/home/detailed overview page.

bajki commented on 09.09.2010 07:42

They could be switched dynamically and their contents would occupy the sidebar.

hmm i prefer to keep things simple and not overdone so in my vision, the login and register tabs will be opened as a new pages or, alternatively as a JS based slided down sub-menu (like 'Account' tab on facebook) but the JS option just for login tab

If by Home you mean Overview, yes

i meaned 'Home' tab for my layout ;) If we're using flyspray terminology - yes, it should be named overview so in layout i'll put the overview tab on the left side of Tasklist tab, instead of Home tab. I think this place is better for this tab. On the left side are things connected with tasks and on the right side of menu are things more connected with User.

bajki commented on 09.09.2010 07:43

i meaned 'Home' tab for my layout ;

from, not for

Nux commented on 09.09.2010 19:29

Well there seems to be a lot of space wasting on the right. I usally don't visit "Overview page", but I think it ould be great on the right side of task page. Next milestone is a good idea. Most wanted tasks would fit in there instead of "Who's watching this". I think "View tasks" links would also fit in there.

bajki commented on 09.09.2010 19:32

ok, i completely agree - most wanted tasks and view tasks should be in the sidebar. I just don't think that overview tab on the right is a good idea but it can be all duscussed when i'll be slicing the layout

Nux commented on 09.09.2010 19:37

BTW. I think tasks list should be in it's full width.

bajki commented on 09.09.2010 19:41

yeah i was also thinking about this, we'll make it that way

bajki commented on 09.09.2010 22:37

Ok i have some good news, there is a tasklist design in attachment and that's the final thing to design. Now the fun part will begin - slicing it.
I'll be publishing every updates here

bajki commented on 07.10.2010 08:02

Hello people!
I just want to say that i didn't forget about the flyspray layout. I'm just a bit busy right now and i have no time to slice it but i should find some time in next few days.

stell commented on 28.11.2011 19:11

Hey Mike! Do you have a zip of your current work in progress? I would like to take a look and continue your work if possible.

bajki commented on 28.11.2011 22:56

Hey Tom! I've stopped working on this because the attention was infinitesimal but i'll try to find those files and publish them here, nice to know that you're interested! :)

stell commented on 08.12.2011 18:07

Hey Mike! Any change you find those files?

bajki commented on 08.12.2011 18:13

that's all i've found for now. Quality of code is probably terrible cause i've coded that long time ago. I'll try to find something more, maybe any PSD

stell commented on 08.12.2011 18:17

Thanks, it's a start. Anything more would be great. PSDs too :)

Hey Tom and Mike! Me and Flo were throwing around the idea of maybe hopping in an IRC channel sometime and talking about what we can all do to help this along. it would be great if we could all work together and get this done. I don't have an eye for design, but I should be able to implement anything that is thrown my way

I love flyspray. I installed it in my laptop 2 months ago and now my laptop is bug free. Thanks for this bug killer.

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