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 1193 Flyspray - The bug killer!EmailBug ReportMedium trunk : rev1040 : uses old Notifications cla ...ClosedAlexey Kolyanov12.02.2007
Task Description

revision 1040 from trunk/

Trying to modify an existing task:

Notice: Undefined variable: notify in C:\servers\www\flyspray_trunk\includes\ on line 144 Fatal error: Call to a member function Create() on a non-object in C:\servers\www\flyspray_trunk\includes\ on line 144

1. $notify variable did not defined in the file
2. Looks like the file uses old Notifications class (wrong Create() method invokation in line 144).

 1192 Flyspray - The bug killer!Installer and UpgraderBug ReportHigh Install error ClosedAlexey Kolyanov12.02.2007
2 Task Description

I've checked out the latest version of trunk (1040) and found some bugs.

1. Unable to install 1.0.0 version.
Looks like file "\setup\upgrade\1.0.0\flyspray-install.xml" is missed.
I've copied one from 0.9.9 and complete install and than run upgrade. Only this way works.
Please put file flyspray-install.xml into 1.0.0 directory.

2. ADODB LDAP driver is missing. So LDAP fails. I've placed file into "\adodb\drivers" and all works fine. :) Please do that.

3. Admin Toolbox - Versions tab does not work. looks like the file "\scripts\admin.php" need to be upgraded.

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