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 276 Flyspray - The bug killer!User InterfaceFeature RequestLow Search for all active tasks ClosedPhil07.06.2004
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When filtering tasks it would be nice if a developer could quickly search for all open tasks that can receive immeditate attention.

Not all status values can be actively worked on by a developer. As a developer, I probably will only do something about "assigned", "new" and "reopened" tasks. Only occassionally will I need to see "requires testing" items or "waiting for customers", etc... but I always need to see "assigned", "new" and "reopened" tasks because these
are the items that typically need immediate attention.

It would be great if either a custom filter could be defined -or- simply a filter specific to including only these 3 status types. There are already "All Statuses" and "All Open Tasks" so adding "All assigned, new, reopened" (or similar) would be quite useful.

Keep up the great work!

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