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 1674 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportLow Error "You are not allowed to create a new task" after  ...Closedsven-teichmann13.01.2011
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If I go to a project and click on "Add new task" and after that I switch to "All Projects", I get an Error 15 "You are not allowed to create a new task" (I don't know if this is the correct English error message, because my Flyspray is in German.
You can see in the picture what i mean.

1673FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHighOnly white screen after upgrade to 1.0 - reasonsConfirmedsven-teichmann12.01.2011
3114 Task Description

After I upgraded to version 1.0 (the upgrade was successful), flyspray only shows a white page (and the source in firefox shows, that the page is completely white).

Please help us finding the roots of these bugs!

Please report what you were exactly doing before this happend, report us your steps made, the used php version, used OS version, and such information.

We think most cases of that “white screen” are relying on the third party vendor libraries behavior we use.
When a library detects an error, sometimes they just call die() or exit; of php, but suppress error messages. So the script just stopped not giving any output to browser.

The dev versions from github use composer for installing the required libraries. We will package them on the final release together and make sure most cases of “white screen” are fixed.

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