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Please first excuse my poor english.

This message is for information only.

I upgraded from to, following this instructions :

  Create a backup of your files and database
  Remove all files except the attachments directory and flyspray.conf.php
  Copy the new files to the Flyspray directory
  make sure flyspray.conf.php is writeable by the webserver.
  Run the upgrader at http://yourflyspray/setup/upgrade.php

Everything was ok, until I tried to close a task.
After choosing the closing reason and pressing the "Clore la tache" (my flysprays's in french) button ,I had this error:

"Completely unexpected exception : Connection could not be established whith host [Connection refused #111] This should never happend, please inform Flyspray Developers."

When I tried again, It worked : no more error message.
I suppose it was a problem with my hosting ; but as the error message says "please inform", i felt i had to report !

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