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 1781 FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestLow Tags on tasks Closedtharibo27.11.2012
Task Description

A useful feature is to be able to add any number of tags to a task.
We can then search by tags.

1782FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestLowCustom fields on taskPlannedtharibo27.11.2012
3333 Task Description

A very useful feature would be to be able to manage a list of custom fields by project, and to be able to add and fill any of these fields to any task.
So we could be able to search on the presence and content of a field.
We could be able to sort the tasks by this field when they are displayed in a list.

A use example is when you create a bug by reference to another external list. It can be very useful to have a field that references a line in the external list.

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