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1858FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestLowClone Tasks and ProjectsMaybebrycez02.04.2013
1 Task Description

My workplace is piloting Flyspray for an internal project and one feature that my boss was asking about was the ability to clone tasks and projects.

We have reoccurring simultaneous projects that contain a large number of testing tasks, and tasks dependent on other tasks, which makes starting up a new project very tedious. If it was possible to clone the contents of a task, or an entire project, we could create template tasks/projects that would really speed up the workflow.

 1859 FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestLow Linked Progress for Dependent Tasks Closedbrycez02.04.2013
Task Description

I know that I would have use for linking the progress of child tasks to their parent task, so that the progress of a child task marks progress of the parent as well.


Task Progress
ParentTask01 70%
ChildTask01 20%
ChildTask02 40%
ChildTask03 10% Perhaps even add some padding of progress in the parent task, so that the child tasks only account for a portion of the parent's progress.
Task Progress
ParentTask01 90%
ChildTask01 100%
ChildTask02 100%
ChildTask03 100%

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