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 1928 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportLow massSelectBulkEditCheck does not work correctly Closedshilinzhou17.07.2014
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when there is no enough ticket in one page, the total number is not itemsPerPage.
And if you click mass select then uncheck some tickets and then click mass select again, which means tickets are partly checked, the bulk_edit_selectedItems does not show correctly.

 1927 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportLow user autocomletion not shown in categories list Closedshilinzhou14.07.2014
Task Description

Admin toolbox→Cetagories, when typing in the owner box under categories list, I happened to notice that there should be an autocompleted user list but it does not show up.

This happens in /js/callbacks/usersearch.php, at the 13th line.
$searchterm = '%' . reset($_POST) . '%';

For other successful cases, reset($_POST) returns exactly the typed characters, but here it returns an array, in which contains the typed characters. So here $searchterm becomes '%Array%', which would hardly have a matched result.

Because in the form in this page, the name of each input box is like "category_owner[6]1", the part [6] makes the input text to form an array in $_POST with name category_owner, and in the array 6 is the key and the text is the value.

  [category_owner] => Array
          [6] => test


To fix this, if the name structure can not be changed, I think you need to check in usersearch.php if the first element in $_POST is an array. If this is the only place where this kind of error happens.

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