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 1989 Flyspray - The bug killer!Installer and UpgraderBug ReportMedium Installer settings check is case sensitive? ClosedRobert Lerner02.04.2015
11 Task Description

Not positive here, but the attached screenshot shows a mismatch between my settings and the settings required.

I have the directive commented out, and the default is "1".

Without looking at the code, it appears as if it is a case sensitivity thing?

Beyond this, the installer had seemed to work quite nice.

1988Flyspray - The bug killer!Installer and UpgraderBug ReportMediumPassword Field for AdminUnconfirmedRobert Lerner02.04.2015
3 Task Description

The installer requests a password for the admin account, and provides a default one.

Because this field is not type=”password”, the browser caches this data for any field named “admin_password”

This also applies to future installations of the software.

I have marked this as critical as this can pose a security hazard. A different implementation would be allowing entry of password, or in the case of wanting to provide a default one, have two password fields prepopulated, and a text one prepopulated so that it can be viewed by the end user.

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