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2531Flyspray - The bug killer!TranslationsFeature RequestLowdetect usage of translation keywordsNewpeterdd10.01.2019
1 Task Description

Some translation keywords of Flyspray are used at more than one code location.

To help translators doing the correct translations, it would help to show in what context a translation keyword is used.
Especially when a keyword is used more than once.

As we have our own translation helper integrated into Flyspray, we could show a ‘translation keyword usage counter’ there and maybe show on request in which file
a translation keyword is used.

It would also help to identify ‘abandoned’ translation keywords that are not used anymore by Flyspray source.

Also it would help to identify when a translation is used at more than one location with maybe different context.

I think we can use a regular expression and scan the whole Flyspray source for that.
(and maybe database entries if there are places that have translation keywords stored - I don’t think so, but better check that too first than forget that case)

The regular expression should match that examples case insensitive for the translation keyword report:


but also ugly cases like
l(    'report'
El ( "report"

case insensitive.

But not for example

 2497 Flyspray - The bug killer!Backend/CoreInformationLow kjhkjkjhjkh Closedpeterdd14.09.2018
Task Description


 2321 Flyspray - The bug killer!RomanianInformationVery Low Romanian translation Closedpeterdd07.12.2016
3 Task Description

Hello Jugaro,

I added your translation to github and added you as maintainer for romanian category on, so you should receive this after I submit this task.

After merging it to flyspray master on github, any further translation work can be done directly on

2064Flyspray - The bug killer!NotificationsFeature RequestLowDeadline Alert - so Flyspray can send notifications som...Maybepeterdd06.10.2015
1 Task Description

splitted from FS#1697 as own task

2063Flyspray - The bug killer!Backend/CoreFeature RequestVery Lowshow closed/open usage count on do=pm&area=XXXNewpeterdd29.09.2015
Task Description

Currently on

  • do=pm&area=version
  • do=pm&area=os
  • do=pm&area=resolution
  • do=pm&area=status
  • do=pm&area=tags
  • do=pm&area=tasktype

a count of usage in tasks is shown for every property.

Interesting would be if the counter shows the count for open/closed tasks on each row.

2062Flyspray - The bug killer!User InterfaceTODOLowreview do=admin&area=editallusersNewpeterdd29.09.2015
1 Task Description


  • Small javascript issue: When checkbox of one users row clicked, it doesn’t select the checkbox because the row click event handler doubles the click (check and uncheck, tested with firefox41). Clicking in the row (not on the name) selects the checkbox. fixed
  • browser back button after delete of a user not working as expected. (fix it by redirect 303 , see how it done for other form submits)

Missing features

  • no sorting possible of the table (like tasklist)
  • no paging (like on tasklist) OK, probably not needed: ~2000 user registrations on and no problem rendering the table in browser.
  • no filtering of user list possible
  • no helpful information for admins like registration date and last time of login of users (last login time requires a new field in flyspray_users) implemented in Flyspray 1.0-rc7
  • no summary about users like how many exists or how many are currently online (requires storing sessions in a db session (e.g. flyspray_session) table instead php default session directory) on the install. Or a statistic graph of activity or peaks of new registrations over time.
  • maybe show user profile image too in the list.
  • choosable user field columns - partially implemented since 1.0-rc7 by selecting groups of user fields and calculated user fields: user stats, user settings
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