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 2125 Flyspray - The bug killer!Backend/CoreBug ReportMedium changing own password as admin Closedsevaader29.04.2016
12 Task Description

I tried to change password but a field “Old password” is missing. So I have the following error “write your old password”.

I can see the missing field on the official flyspray site but not in the fr installed (1.0-rc).

2124Flyspray - The bug killer!User InterfaceFeature RequestVery LowDefault avatar can't be restoredConfirmedsevaader27.04.2016
2 Task Description

I unchecked the avatar allowed in the admin panel. I checked it back and set size to 50.
I have to upload an Avatar picture to restore it, but the previous avatar looked like to be html avatar.

Is there a way to restore the html one ?

note: ‘default avatar’ is currently just that guy from the fontawesome webfonts:

<i class="fa fa-user"></i>
 2123 Flyspray - The bug killer!Backend/CoreBug ReportMedium TaskList export is not a SYLK file (error message). Closedsevaader26.04.2016
46 Task Description

I tried the “Export tasklist” button and I get the following error when it tried to be opened with Excel.

“Flyspray_-_The_bug_killer!_2016-04-26-1.csv” is not a SYLK file”

The csv file is understood as a SYLK file because it starts with ‘ID’. It’s an Excel keyword that means
to Excel, “open it as a SYLK file”. but the it’s not a SYLK file, it’s just a csv file.

I created few files to let you understand it: (bad_SLYK.txt and correct_SYLK.txt), translated in csv files,
do the (bad_SYLK.csv and correct_SYLK.csv) files.

The csv content is different because Excel check the first column name: ID ( == SYLK).

With Flyspray export to csv (SYLK_file_should_be_CSV.png), you use the ID as a first column name. So, Excel
understand it as a SYLK file, and it’s not.

Could you please switch “ID, Category, ...” with “Category, ID,...” or rename ID as Id or iD ? or maybe just export
columns as defined in the user view. (not all columns).

I hope it would solve the problem (as a quick fix).

Hope it helps


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