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 2131 FlysprayBackend/CoreInformationHigh Using github login fails - white page displayed on call ...Closedthess02.06.2016
73 Task Description

Original message displayed:

“Completely unexpected exception: Unknown grant “League\OAuth2\Client\Grant\Authorizationcode”

Attempting to fix problem by renaming file (case-sensitive) in vendor directory, gets me to the github login but the redirected callback yields a white page with nothing displayed. No unusual messages appear in the server log.

2135FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHigh"Modify own tasks" does not function correctly when add...Confirmedthess07.06.2016
1321 Task Description

“Oh, there are some incompatible properties set that must be resolved before moving this task to a different project.”

Oh, but I am not moving the task to a different project. Just trying to edit my own submission.

“Edit this task” → “Save details”

See attached screen capture.

 2130 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHigh Admin cannot change own password Closedthess02.06.2016
1 Task Description

Error message “No Old Password was set” returned when trying to update password even though none was required - UI fixed but still fails.

 2132 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportLow Long lines in "code" tags to not wrap or have horizonta ...Closedthess06.06.2016
3 Task Description
This is a very long line which does not wrap correctly. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, while I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
 2133 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportMedium Cannot register username containing "-_." characters (a ...Closedthess07.06.2016
2 Task Description

Tried to create user name: xxx-yyy, xxx.yyy or xxx_yyy. Name is highlighted in ‘red’ and no ‘Send code’ button. Is this supposed to be OK?

2134FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHighCannot assign a task to other projectPlannedthess07.06.2016
32 Task Description

Moving task to another project seems to require fields updated to target project options. This operation is not possible on the task category field and possibly others. Attempting to submit changes gives error:

“Oh, there are some incompatible properties set that must be resolved before moving this task to a different project.”

However, you cannot select a new value (from the target list) for the properties in question.

2136FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportMediumAfter updating user properties as admin - return to wro...Confirmedthess08.06.2016
3 Task Description

Logged in as admin, modify a users group membership. After clicking update, you are returned to your logged-in profile (admin in this case). It should re-display the user’s profile you are editing.

The ‘back’ button will return to updated page.

2160FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportLowCannot "accept" PM close request if already closedUnconfirmedthess14.07.2016
Task Description

If a task creator requested closure, and someone (developer) closes the task explicitly, the PM request cannot be later ‘accepted’ and the PM request remains in the queue.

Workaround - Deny request and queue item is removed OK.

It looks like the PM request button invoked details.close which returns early if task is already closed.

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