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2305FlysprayGreekFeature RequestVery LowMonth names not translatableUnconfirmedprotonotarios26.10.2016
21 Task Description

At first I thought month names were controled by jscalendar. But after restoring functionality of jscalendar ( FS#2226 ) I realized that month names are probably a native feature of Flyspray.

So month names need translation. Moreover, in Greek there should be grammatical cases used. For example October in Greek is Οκτώβριος (nominative case). But when you say “October 2” in Greek is “2 Οκτωβρίου” (genitive case). So month translation would require at least two strings for each month.

2304FlysprayDatabase QueriesBug ReportMediumGreek letters crash tagsConfirmedprotonotarios26.10.2016
1 Task Description

When adding a tag in Greek letters (e.g. “Δοκιμή”) I get:

Query {SELECT tag_id FROM `flyspray_list_tag` WHERE (project_id=0 OR project_id=?) AND tag_name LIKE ? ORDER BY project_id} with params {5,Δοκιμή} Failed! (Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘like’)
2303FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestVery LowHome screen for private flyspraysRequires testingprotonotarios25.10.2016
65 Task Description

I use Flyspray as a closed system with all projects set to private. I use it as a main means of communication with my clients. In such a case it would be a good idea for visitors to see a home screen (preferably a blank/splash screen with login option only) and definitely not the All tasks title or project names ( FS#2302 ) or taskid search.

 2302 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportLow Private Flyspray reveals project names Closedprotonotarios25.10.2016
2 Task Description

I have a Flyspray with all projects set to private. If an anonymous visitor types a taskid in search box, they get a 102 “no permission” error but the page title will change to that task’s project name.

 2226 FlysprayJavascriptBug ReportLow Popup calendar never worked for me (missing jscalendar  ...Closedprotonotarios25.10.2016
51 Task Description

The first time I saw the popup calendar in action was in the present official site. In my installation never worked, neither in that I used to have, nor in 1.0-rc1 that I have now. When I click on it it just goes to top of page.

2225FlysprayGreekBug ReportVery LowGreek uses slash for datesConfirmedprotonotarios24.10.2016
3 Task Description

Short dates in Greek are represented in the majority of cases with slashes (24/10/2016). Very seldom some people may use the dash form (24-10-2016) and hardly ever the dot form (24.10.2016).

So it would be much appreciated if the slash form were a (working) option because as it is dates are a bit confusing to us, especially in a date-time combination (too many numbers in a not-so-obvious format - brain needs extra time to decode it).

2224FlysprayGreekBug ReportVery LowSemicolon is a bad separatorUnconfirmedprotonotarios24.10.2016
111 Task Description

The symbol “;” in Greek is the question mark. So a list of semicolon-separated values looks like a series of questions in Greek. (looks like this: “cat? dog? rabbit?” ;-))

I suggest replacing semicolons with commas as list separators.

In email lists space is good choice too.

2223FlysprayGreekBug ReportVery LowSome strings need splitting or replacementUnconfirmedprotonotarios24.10.2016
21 Task Description

There is a conflict in meaning in some words. In English past tense (”he closed the task”) and past participle (”List of closed tasks”) is the same word. But in Greek they are two different words (past tense of close: έκλεισε, past participle of close: κλεισμένος/κλεισμένη/κλεισμένο/.../etc → (actually, past participle has 3 genders (male/female/neutral) x 2 grammatical numbers (singular/plural) x 4 grammatical cases (nominative/genitive/accusative/vocative)) = 24 combinations but we’ll deal with this later if needed).

So, strings that now are used both as past tense and past participle, or used both for singular and plural, must split and use a different string when past tense and a different string when past participle or singular/plural.

These strings are:

openedOpened It is used in Event log as past tense (meaning: “User X opened Y task” or “Y task was opened by X” → so in Greek must either use past tense or past participle as singular because it’s one task) and it is also used in Overview as past participle (meaning: “List of opened tasks” → so in Greek must use plural). On the other hand, the same message in task’s History uses var taskopened=”Task opened”. Maybe it would be best if var taskopened was used in Event log too instead of var opened. It would solve my problem.
closedClosed (same as above)
editedEdited (same as above)
2222FlysprayGreekInformationVery LowGreek translation issuesUnconfirmedprotonotarios24.10.2016
31 Task Description

After completing the Greek translation I have a series of issues I want to report concerning mainly (but not limited to) the Greek languange.

I was thinking of opening a separate task for each one of them (note that they are all ultra low severity/priority) and adding them as sub-tasks to this one (or maybe as dependencies - or both).

I also request a Translations > Greek sub-category. I really have a lot of issues.

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