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2323FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestMediumshow category tree in task listUnconfirmedkinimodmeyer13.12.2016
1 Task Description

we should show the category tree in the task list.
in the task we show the tree.

e.g. “Parent → Sub” instead of “Sub”

2322FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestMediumMention SystemNewkinimodmeyer07.12.2016
71 Task Description

Hello together,

it would be nice, if you could mention user in your ticket or comment which are not following the task.
for example when i will type @nickname, the user “nickname” should be get a e-mail that he is mentioned in the ticket.

(if we are “fancy” then we can print a automcomplete after the @-sign ist typed)

 2320 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHigh crypt() Raise E_NOTICE security warning if salt is omit ...Closedkinimodmeyer07.12.2016
711 Task Description

Hello together,

in php >= 5.6.0 you get a notice if you dont use a salt param.

we need to fix the else case in the function Flyspray::cryptPassword()

see the attached image for the error in the frontend.

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