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 496 Flyspray - The bug killer!Backend/CoreFeature RequestLow 'Released' flag / status level ClosedSimon Large28.03.2005
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We encourage our users to look at the issue tracker so they can see what
has been fixed and not keep sending bug reports for a bug which was
fixed just after the last release. In order for them to see those closed
issues, our default view of the bug tracker shows all statuses, but that
then means we can't filter out things that have already been included
in an official release.

I notice a similar thing in your own issue tracker. Having the
percentage-complete updated to 100 on issue closure appears 3 times and
it has already been fixed in HEAD, although it's not in the current

Can I propose another flag 'Released', which means 'I have made it into
the official release'. Closing an issue does not set this flag. You can
then add another filter 'Open & unreleased issues' (bit of a mouthful)
which displays all open issues and any closed issues which aren't yet
available in a public release.

The flag would have to be set manually, or there could be an
administrator function which lets you set the flag for all closed issues
when a release is made.

It could be implemented as another status level as long as it doesn't
interfere with task interdependence.

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