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 2340 FlysprayDatabase QueriesBug ReportLow tables created with charset = latin1 during the install ...Closedvrobolab10.02.2017
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Somewhy database tables are created with “CHARSET=latin1” during the installation thus creating records with UTF8 symbols (e.g. description written in russian language) fail.

I was scared by .xml installation files so I did not touch them and fixed the issue after the installation instead:

$ mysqldump -uuser -ppassword database > database.sql;
$ cat database.sql | sed 's/CHARSET=latin1/CHARSET=utf8/g' > database_new.sql;
$ mysql -uuser -ppassword database < database_new.sql;
2427FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestLowallow hotlinking (direct links) to uploaded filesUnconfirmedvrobolab07.03.2017
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Currently all attached files get renamed (like “screenshot331.png” → “attachments/14_72a4ca580abcdef69f60b1f”) and they could be downloaded only throught the php script (”/index.php?getfile=1234”) which requires that user must be logged in to view the file.
It is not very convenient when you need to show a file to some person who is on mobile phone at the moment or using not a work computer. Also sometimes you might need to share a file with anyone without having them to register at your bug tracker.

I suggest you to add a checkbox like “create a direct link” when uploading a file, which will save the file with original name and extension but adding some random generated prefix (like “screenshot331.png” → “attachments/14_72a4ca580abcdef69f60b1f.screenshot331.png”).

However this poses a high security risk so there should be a list of allowed file extensions (e.g. “jpg,png,txt,pdf,doc,zip”) - only these files could be saved with the original extension. This list should be accessible by the main administrator only, thus the safest option would be storing it inside the “flyspray.conf.php”.

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