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2346FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestLowCustom css inheritanceUnconfirmedfjaecksch20.02.2017
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If i set up a custom css in the main FS settings the style doesn’t get applied to all nested projects. I have to set the css to all projects explicitly to get the stylings work on all project pages.
Wouldn’t it be a good idea to first load the css set in the main dialog and after that load an additional css specified in the sub project? Then it would be possible to specify general stylings for all projects and project based stylings also.

 2345 FlysprayText RenderingBug ReportLow <hr> should be in allowed tags Closedfjaecksch20.02.2017
3 Task Description

Because the hr tag is allowed in the new html comment editor it should be also allowed to display it in the ticket description.
class.tpl.php:875 –> just add it here

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