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2459FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestLowAttachments on/off and max size setting in Admin Toolbo...Unconfirmedsbyholm16.02.2018
1 Task Description

It would be great if the Admin Toolbox had an attachments section with an on/off switch, a max size setting, and it would print out all the reasons why it can’t set it to your desired value.

This would help in situations like  FS#2458 , it would be more clear if there is a setting to turn on/off attachments instead of turning them on and off by setting the rights if the attachments folder.

This way if the attachments setting is On, the GUI could also print an error “Attachments folder must be writable” when it detects that the writable attribute does not match the desired setting.

 2458 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportMedium Cannot add attachments after upgrade from rc1 to rc6 Closedsbyholm14.02.2018
103 Task Description

So we could add attachments before the upgrade, now we can’t. Not even me as Admin.

The attachments folder was kept unchanged during upgrade per the intructions.

Old attachments still exist and can be opened and have a delete checkbox.

 2457 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportMedium Class 'HTMLPurifier_Config' not found in /srv/http/flys ...Closedsbyholm12.02.2018
4 Task Description

I just upgraded from Flyspray 1.0-rc1 to Flyspray 1.0-rc6 and now when I try to move a task from one project to another I get this error.

I upgraded according to the instructions, by deleting all files except the few mentioned and copying the new flyspray into the folder.

Then I clicked no in setup for whatever conversion was suggested, related to DocuWiki.

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