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 538 FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestMedium Userdefined taskdetails ClosedManiaC29.04.2005
Task Description

The ability to define his own taskdetail fields is a huge demand! Project managers should be able to extend the taskdetails with their own fields for example like "buildnumber", "svnrevision" and so on. At the moment I only need a "buildnumber" field, but such requests wouldn't arise if the project manager could do this on his own.

You should be able to add new userdefined fields in a project with the following attributes:

- Name
- Type (String, Number, CheckBox, DropDownList)
- optinal/mandatory
- Value (only needed for DropDownList like : FirstItem,SecondItem,ThirdItem,etc...)

 537 FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestLow Hide project in projectlist ClosedManiaC29.04.2005
Task Description

In some cases, if you have more than one project you would like some user which are participating in the one project not even see there is another project! I can change the permissions to not allowing them to see any tasks of the other project but in the overall project dropdown list everyone can see, which projects exists! I would be satisfied with a permission which alows them to see other projects they are not able to do something in or not.

Btw, Flyspray is the best bugtracker I've seen so far and I really tested 13! Nice work!

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