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2614FlysprayEmailBug ReportCriticalConnection timed out #110Unconfirmedsturtz_network16.09.2020
Task Description

If you are reporting a bug please provide as much information as possible to help understand and reproduce the problem:

Did you installed an official release or did you used an inoffical docker?!

database type and version, php version and OS version/linux distribution flavour, global or project settings you used that could be relevant for reproducing the problem

Steps done to create the problem: Deleate a Task

Expected behavior: Send a email

Experienced behavior:
Completely unexpected exception: Connection could not be established with host [Connection timed out #110]
This should never happend, please inform Flyspray Developers

2613FlysprayPublic RelationsInformationVery LowEmail ist SignupUnconfirmedsturtz_network16.09.2020
1 Task Description

My School has blocked me from signing up for the Mailing list, how do I sign up or can you add me?

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