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 727 FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestMedium title tags for all links to other tasks Closedmacnewbold08.11.2005
4 Task Description

Now that  FS#385  is done, it would be great if we could do this on more things. One example that comes to mind are the links to dependent and related tasks on the task details page. Other places might include the task list, the reports page, etc. By the time  FS#612  is done, they will probably be added to the dependency graphs even. It would be really nice to have a standard list of data we put into them, and a function that generates it, perhaps. If we use it in places where the summary isn't displayed, I'd think that would be important in the title tag. Other things I like to see are status, assigned to whom, percent complete (if not 0%), and if closed, the resolution, in which case it should display with a strikethrough or similar.

 708 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHigh every project is visible in dropdown list Closedmacnewbold25.10.2005
1 Task Description

The query that was fixed in r371 to allow logged-in users to see projects set as "anyone can see this project" had an unintended result: it made every project visible all the time. So now the project dropdown list at the top of the page shows every project to everyone, all the time. This means they can now see the names of projects that they don't have permission to access. Thankfully, they can't access their task list or individual tasks, but they know their project name and ID now.

I'm working on a fix that will hopefully get committed soon.

 663 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHigh edit task changes project? Closedmacnewbold22.09.2005
2 Task Description

I think I found a bug, but want to make sure others can duplicate it before I commit the fix I've prepared. I'm using r359 (currently the latest) from SVN, but when I go back to trace the bug, I can find when I believe it was introduced, in r252, on March 9, 2005. So if the bug is really there, and I'm not imagining it, anyone with 0.9.8 newer than that date or revision should be able to duplicate it.

When you edit a task, there's a dropdown menu for "Attached to Project" right below the task summary. The bug I'm seeing is that it always defaults to the first project on the list, regardless of what project the task was originally in. The code is in scripts/details.php to select the right project, but the if statement controlling it seems odd to me. It checks that the project ID's match, but then also checks " && $_GET['project'] != '0'", but I never see it pass "project" on the URL when I enter edit mode, nor can I fathom why that condition must be true in order to preselect the project. (This is about line 120 in scripts/details.php if you're looking for it.) When I remove that condition on my installation, it works great, just as intended.

Can anyone else verify this bug? If so, I'll commit the patch that fixes it.

[My patch also fixes a SQL query labeled with "FIXME" and called "dodgy", and removes the code that was in place to work around the dodgy query.]

 638 FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestMedium Make page titles more useful Closedmacnewbold30.08.2005
2 Task Description

Currently page titles all display "Flyspray:: [Project Name]:" and nothing more. This makes it hard to tell the difference between various tabs/windows/bookmarks in the browser, because every page within the project has exactly that same title. It would be very helpful if there were something more descriptive in the title. For example, the task list, task detail, and new task pages should have different titles. Relevant details about a page should be shown in the title, like the task number, when viewing a single task. The same could be extended into the admin and project management sections, as well as reports. Having the same title for all "search results" pages or all "reports" pages would be okay as a start, but if there's an easy way to identify in some way the distinguishing characteristics of the search or report, that would be even better.

I realize that this may not happen in the 0.9.8 code, but may not happen until the templating ( FS#601 ) is underway for 0.9.9-devel. But that sounds like the perfect time to integrate this behavior, since we'll be working with every single page to make that happen.

 620 FlysprayNotificationsBug ReportMedium related task notifications broken Closedmacnewbold18.08.2005
Task Description

When adding a related task, the notifications I get (in email at least, don't know about jabber) arrive with the project name missing from the subject, and the task ID/summary missing from the body. In other words, there is no indication of what task was modified, or what it was related to. Also, the fix for  FS#619  should be applied to related tasks as well as dependencies. This bug still exists in rev. 328 from SVN.

 619 FlysprayNotificationsBug ReportMedium adding dependency should say on what Closedmacnewbold17.08.2005
3 Task Description

When you add a dependency, a notification is sent saying "The following task has a new dependency:", but it never says what the new dependency is. It should say that FS#321 now depends on  FS#234 , showing  FS#234 's summary, and a link to its details page. This is all with regard to the notification sent out regarding FS#321, to the people watching it.

On a related note, there should either be a separate email generated regarding  FS#234  saying "FS#321 [summary] now depends on this task", or if not, the people watching  FS#234  should be included along with those watching FS#321 when the other email gets sent. (I don't know if this happens yet or not, but it seems like it doesn't. If it isn't done yet, maybe it should be a separate task?)

 618 FlysprayNotificationsFeature RequestLow mark task changes in notifications Closedmacnewbold12.08.2005
3 Task Description

I couldn't find a task like this, so if it's a dup, forgive me. The notifications that get sent (at least the email ones, don't know about the jabber ones) when a task is edited don't say what changed, they just send you a copy of the updated task. They would be _much_ more useful if they actually showed you what was different. I believe one version (0.9.7 release maybe?) marked fields that had changed with an asterisk. This would make a huge difference for us, as right now, we can't get people to stop ignoring notifications, cause half of them are useless, because they don't tell you what happened.

(I understand this might be difficult to implement with the way the code is currently structured, but I want to at least get it on the radar so that as the major changes (i.e templating) coming after 0.9.8-release start happening, this can be thought about, and hopefully implemented.)

 612 FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestMedium add WebDot capability to task visualization Closedmacnewbold09.08.2005
7 Task Description

Enhance the current task dependency graphs with the ability to use WebDot, for servers where installing dot or using system() is not a possibility. It will cause the remote WebDot server to generate the necessary image for us.

 595 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportHigh strange bug in getPermissions() Closedmacnewbold27.07.2005
1 Task Description

Today we tripped on an odd bug in getPermissions() in includes/ . It looks like it was added in commit 318:

Index: includes/

— includes/ (revision 317)
+++ includes/ (revision 318)
@@ -524,6 +524,9 @@

        if ($db->CountRows($check_in) > '0')  
           $project_permissions = $row;  

+ } else
+ {
+ $project_permissions = $global_permissions;


Where this happens is while it's looking for your permissions in the project you're currently viewing. It pulls a list of groups that belong to this project, then checks each one, taking that permission set if you're in the group. This modification made it default to the global permissions if you weren't in any project groups. But the way it does it causes a small problem: If you're not in the last group it found in the list of groups in the project, you get global permissions.

For example, Say it finds 3 groups in project #2, with id's 8, 9, and 10. If I'm in group 9, then after it checks them I'd have project_permissions equal to the row of permissions for that project. But when it checks group 10, I'm not in it, so it overwrites that with global permissions.

The fix is pretty simple: set up the default before we go into the loop instead of in every iteration in the loop. Attached is the patch.

 587 FlyspraySpanishBug ReportLow update spanish translations Closedmacnewbold15.07.2005
61 Task Description

The spanish translation has gotten quite behind in the last 8 months, and should probably get a good brush up before the 0.9.8 release.

If nobody else has already taken responsability for this translation, I'll volunteer to work on it.

 574 FlysprayJavascriptBug ReportMedium javascript for select due date broken in safari Closedmacnewbold14.06.2005
13 Task Description

The "select due date" javascript on the add/edit task page is broken in the (default) Safari browser on Mac OS X. You can select the "select due date" option, but nothing pops up. This makes it impossible to choose a due date without functioning javascript (which by itself is okay) but it's got to work in Safari unless we're going to require all admins/developers/proj.manangers to use something other than Safari. It does work on Mac OS X in Firefox, at least. But in Safari, due dates are completely unusable until this is fixed. (When testing is needed, feel free to ask me or assign it to me.)

 573 FlysprayUser InterfaceFeature RequestMedium task dependency graphs or visualization Closedmacnewbold10.06.2005
104 Task Description

Currently, you can look at a task and see which tasks it depends on, and which tasks depend on it. But there is currently no way to see any further than the set of tasks that are directly related to the task you are viewing. I think it would be really useful to have a way to view more than just those simple dependencies, and be able to get a big picture of what your dependency graph looks like. When doing it by hand, I had 14 tasks tied together with dependencies, and it took over 10-15 minutes to get the graph, when programmatically, it could be instant.

Generating a list of edges from the database is really easy. The only hard part is doing a good layout of the nodes (tasks) and edges (dependencies). Lucky for us, there are a bunch of good layout packages available, like dot and vcg, but they would require extra software to be installed on the server with flyspray.

For rendering, dot and vcg will do it for you, giving back an image, or you can get them to return a text description that is annotated with (x,y) positions for the nodes. That could then be used by flyspray itself to render the image using the GD image library in PHP for example, or it could be rendered in HTML in some nice way, using the positions to place divs or other objects on the screen.

Current status: I've got an implementation that uses dot to generate an image. The plan is to incorporate it as a div that starts out hidden in the details page, and can be expanded with a click. The code is very fast (less than 1/4 of a second), and doesn't seem to generate excessive load on the server. It appears to work very well, even for complex graphs.

 572 FlysprayDatabase QueriesBug ReportMedium Report dates are not inclusive Closedmacnewbold06.06.2005
5 Task Description

When performing a report query, it finds things that include the start date, but excludes events occuring on the end date. This is pretty counter-intuitive. For example, a query of May 1 - May 31 will include events from May 1, but not events occuring on May 31. The extreme degenerate case (which is quite a severe and misleading but) is when you search for events from May 31 to May 31, which to most people, would mean it should retrieve the events that occured on May 31. However, currently it always retrieves an empty set whenever the two days are the same.I think the proper behavior would be to be inclusive on both ends.

Potential places to look to solve it: If the database (or PHP code) is coercing the date into a datetime, it's probably getting 12:00.00am on the day of , which is fine on the front end, but to be inclusive on the back end, it should get 11:59.59pm. If it isn't a time thing, it probably means changing a "less than" to a "less than or equal to" comparison.

 567 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportLow notifications missing comments on denials of re-open re ...Closedmacnewbold23.05.2005
Task Description

Any comments that are given when denying a request to re-open should get sent out in the notification. They currently do not.

 566 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportVery Low history doesn't link FS#123 links Closedmacnewbold23.05.2005
6 Task Description

Any FS#321 links in the history view are not linked to their appropriate tasks.

 563 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportVery Low view permissions link color Closedmacnewbold20.05.2005
3 Task Description

The "View Permissions" link in the upper right corner looks great when you're showing the title bar image, but when it's disabled, it's white text on a light blue background in the tool bar (in the bluey theme, anyway), and it has very low contrast. Giving it a color that contrasts against both the dark blue title bar and the light blue title bar would help a lot. Perhaps a red or a green, like are used for Yes and No inside the popup would work?

 562 FlysprayNotificationsBug ReportLow closing comments aren't sent in notification Closedmacnewbold20.05.2005
Task Description

Any comments you enter when closing a task do not get sent in the notification about the task being closed. Not a big deal, but would be nice to have and should be easy.

 561 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportLow Add new version to global list returns you to task list Closedmacnewbold20.05.2005
61 Task Description

Adding a new version to the global versions list sends you to the task list instead of leaving you on the global versions list page. Updating the list correctly stays put, it's just adding that jumps elsewhere.

 560 FlysprayUser InterfaceBug ReportLow task titles with "quotes" show up with slashes Closedmacnewbold19.05.2005
6 Task Description

The main place I've noticed this is in the dependencies listings. If this task depended on itself, hypothetically, it would show up like so:

 FS#560  - task titles with \"quotes\" show up with slashes

It's probably just a stripslashes() call that's missing. Note that the task list does it properly, so the appropriate code is probably already there.

This problem may exist in other places that the task title is displayed, but I haven't noticed any others yet.

 558 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportLow projects dropdown includes inactive projects for admins Closedmacnewbold18.05.2005
4 Task Description

Three different queries are used in index.php to pull the list of tasks, depending on whether the user is an admin (with "global_view" permissions), a logged-in user, or an anonymous user. The anonymous case works properly, only including projects that are active. The logged-in case check for active, but was missing some parenthesis near an OR that would allow them to see inactive projects for which the user had permission to view tasks. And the admin case didn't check for active at all. Here's a patch that fixes it.

One other thing to consider is how one can pull up the project prefences for a project that isn't active, in order to make it active again. I think that implementing  FS#502  could be a great solution to that issue. As a workaround, the project can always be reactivated in the database.

Index: index.php

— index.php (revision 295)
+++ index.php (working copy)
@@ -365,6 +365,7 @@

     if (isset($permissions['global_view']) && $permissions['global_view'] == '1')
        $get_projects = $db->Query("SELECT * FROM {$dbprefix}_projects

+ WHERE project_is_active = '1'

                                    ORDER BY project_title");
     // or, if the user is logged in

@@ -375,9 +376,9 @@

                                      FROM {$dbprefix}_projects p
                                      LEFT JOIN {$dbprefix}_groups g ON p.project_id = g.belongs_to_project
                                      LEFT JOIN {$dbprefix}_users_in_groups uig ON g.group_id = uig.group_id

- WHERE uig.user_id = ?
- AND g.view_tasks = '1'
- OR p.others_view = '1'
+ WHERE ((uig.user_id = ?
+ AND g.view_tasks = '1')
+ OR p.others_view = '1')

                                      AND p.project_is_active = '1'",
 556 FlysprayBackend/CoreFeature RequestLow Permission controls for severity/priority Closedmacnewbold16.05.2005
Task Description

It would be very helpful if you could restrict users (either individually, or better, by their group) so that they cannot select certain priority or severity codes. In many cases, a user thinks it is a lot bigger problem than it really is, and you want to restrict the right to escalate priority/severity to a developer or manager. For example, on this form, it won't let me change priority off of Normal, but I can still get my task to the top of the list by selecting Critical priority. It would be nice to be able to limit normal users to Low and Very Low, for example, similar to the way priority is restricted, or how status always goes in as Unconfirmed.

 555 FlysprayBackend/CoreBug ReportMedium Undefined due dates get 12-31-1969 Closedmacnewbold16.05.2005
2 Task Description

There seem to be a few places still that start showing 12-31-1969 when the due date has not been set. I've seen it on the task list at least once, though haven't determined how to repeat that one. The email notifications seem to be very repeatable, though: I submitted a new task and left the due date as due anytime, and it said in the email that it was due 12-31-1969. In fact, I'd be surprised if the notification of this very bug doesn't do it.

I'm guessing there might be other places that don't handle unset due dates very gracefully, but I don't know what the best way would be to find them.

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