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 891 Flyspray - The bug killer!EmailBug ReportLow Notification is being set to the 'admin_email' ClosedMichael Belanger17.04.2006
1 Task Description

All projects have an email address for notification.

Notification is being set to the 'admin_email' which is set in the
Administrator's Toolbox :: Preferences :: Notifications :: From Address

Discussion from email thread:

In, the SendEmail function adds the admin email address to
the email if the $to variable is an array (which presumably means there is
more than one email address to send to). It then BCC's the array of
addresses to be notified.

I'm not sure what the rational was behind doing it this way, but it sounds
like this may be the problem.

The code is below.


if (is_array($to))

       $mail->AddAddress($fs->prefs['admin_email']); // do not disclose

user's address

       foreach ($to as $key => $val)
          // Unlike the docs say, it *does (appear to)* work with mail()

} else {

       $mail->AddAddress($to);                            // Add a

single address


The rational behind this is, that we don't want to send emails without a

Hmm. We could make it bogus and suffer the log consequences. Or just
allow it to be set to whatever by an admin and they can set it to your
basic unmonitored email address.

Nope. If we only have BCC addresses (the array is not empty), we still
don't have a to-address. And if the array is empty, the email is, in
fact, not sent to anyone.

I think it is the BCC'ing part that is most confusing (to me at least).
Using the admin address as the to-address when there are multiple
recipients is understandable, but not seeing that the email went to other
people causes confusion. i.e. the email looks like a rogue notification
to the admin only.

 837 Flyspray - The bug killer!User InterfaceFeature RequestLow Preference to show user privileges alternate ways ClosedMichael Belanger03.03.2006
4 Task Description

I am getting complaints from users about the list of user privileges when you mouse-over the username. It is distracting and requires extra mouse movements to get rid of it.

As an alternative, perhaps a preference offering other ways to view the permissions.. perhaps a link versus inline... even a small external window with that information may be less intrusive.

 668 Flyspray - The bug killer!Backend/CoreBug ReportMedium new themes not working ClosedMichael Belanger27.09.2005
2 Task Description

I copied themes/Bluey to themes/myTheme.
Edited theme.css and saved changes.

I set the default theme to myTheme but none of my changes appear.
It still seems to be using Bluey.

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