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2021-04-23: Flyspray 1.0-rc10 released See

If you are upgrading from older version, please wait for 1.0-rc11.

2021-11-23: New user registration and password forgotten currently not working on due email server problems. peterdd

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 1319 Database QueriesFeature RequestLow Timeline page Closed
null5229.07.200731.07.2007 Task Description

1 - Implement a "Timeline" report page.
2 - Put a link w/icon named "Timeline" to the left of the "Roadmap" link.
3 - Make it printer friendly, or have a printer friendly button.
4 - Put Flysprays "+Advanced" search filter at the top.

I might be easier to just put a view by date switch on the "Roadmap" page...
For example, check outthis.

 1361 Backend/CoreFeature RequestLow Add basic filters for TaskList Closed
null119.10.200719.10.2007 Task Description

It would be nice to have basic filters on TaskLIst form like on OverView form (All, Open).

 849 Backend/CoreTODOVery Low TODO: make sure flyspray is compatible with PHP6 Closed
judas_iscariotenull108.03.200626.07.2007 Task Description

THis a a remider task, to be looked in future time,very low priority.

That's the list of actual problems for flyspary running on PHP-CVS

1. PHP6 doesn't have magic_quotes_* actually, every call to any function that involves magic_quotes returns FALSE.
additionally every call to set_magic_quotes_runtime() raises an E_CORE_ERROR.(FATAL ERROR)

2. PHP6 doesn't have register_globals :-) every call to detect register_globals setting returns FALSE ( this is true for the installer I think)

3, PHP6 doesnt' have safe_mode any call to detect safe_mode will return FALSE ( this is true for the installer)

in short, flyspray requires some changes to be compatible with PHP6.

I'll look into this issues in later MONTHS, again this is just a reminder task.

Edit : PHP devlopers decided to NOT raise E_FATAL on calling dinamic functions as static, to keep some BC with PHP4.

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