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2021-04-23: Flyspray 1.0-rc10 released See

If you are upgrading from older version, please wait for 1.0-rc11.

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 1792 Backend/CoreFeature RequestLow Changes from Deprecated 1.0.0 Closed
100% Task Description

Someone should go through all the changes from 1.0.0 and figure out which features should be ported to 1.0 devel and open tickets for them, and/or open tickets for the items that should be done in 2.0

 1599 User InterfaceFeature RequestLow Implement "Tasks not blocked by other tasks" Closed
2.1111.08.200907.04.2021 Task Description

In the advanced search, there is “Tasks not blocking other tasks”

Implement a related: “Unblocked tasks” (i.e. Tasks not blocked by other tasks)

 1600 User InterfaceFeature RequestLow Implement "Tasks blocking other tasks" Closed
2.1111.08.200920.08.2015 Task Description

In the advanced search, there is "Tasks not blocking other tasks"

Implement its opposite: "Tasks blocking other tasks"

1539Backend/CoreFeature RequestLowSitemap.xml GenerationUnconfirmed
2.12112.01.200911.03.2015 Task Description

I would like the feature to have a sitemap.xml file be generated, say every xx days, set in the configuration.

 1797 Backend/CoreBug ReportHigh Should have a way to assign tasks even if not part of a ...Closed
100% Task Description

For example, currently interns can only generate work in their own project

 1800 Backend/CoreBug ReportHigh Button to use default column values and fields Closed
100% Task Description

Should have an option do just use the default column values and fields on a given project, rather than having to define them

 1802 Backend/CoreFeature RequestLow Advanced filter and sort Closed
2.1119.12.201206.03.2015 Task Description

Filtering task should be done easily instead of the nasty search box. Should be able to mouse over a column listed (i.e. category, summary, priority, etc) and if do that have a Javascript popup that lists all of the choices as a checkbox so you can check out which ones you want to see, or all.

Once this is done, should have a simple search box. Simply a text box that lets you search all fields.

Then can have an 'advanced options' which lets you check off things like 'Has attachment', 'Include Closed Items', etc.

 1840 Backend/CoreFeature RequestLow Users to be able to change progress of ticket without e ...Closed
100% Task Description

The way assigned users can comment and request task closure even if can't/don't edit the ticket, there should a js progress bar so they can adjust progress without editing it. When adjust progress, a comment box should popup (like what pops up when closing a task) so they can add a comment which would be attached to that change in progress.

 1842 User InterfaceFeature RequestLow no suggestion box pop up when modifying category owner Closed
100% Task Description

If the admin modify an existing category in "categories"→"categories list"→"owner", a suggestion box of existing users should pop up. (The box pop up when creating a new category, but not when modifying it).

Also, the fileds (Name Order Show Delete) should be properly alligned even before any category is created. Currently those fields are too close to each other.

1608Installer and UpgraderBug ReportLowreserved characters cause database error after installa...Unconfirmed
0% Task Description

the installer does not check for reserved characters when writing to flyspray.conf.php, causing parse_ini_file() to return an invalid database password.

 1796 Backend/CoreBug ReportLow Need a way to update progress even if don't have permis ...Closed
100% Task Description

Users that can't edit their own tasks, still should be able to change progress

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